11 Surprising Ways to Use Clear Quartz Crystal For Positive Energy

11 Surprising Ways to Use Clear Quartz Crystal For Positive Energy


Clear quartz crystals are one of the most versatile stones on Earth, and here are 11 ways to use them.

Use Your Crystals to Create a Healing Room.

If you're looking for a way to create a healing space in your home, crystals are a great option. They have been used for centuries as an aid in meditation and relaxation, so they're perfect for creating a calming atmosphere.

Quartz crystal is especially helpful with this; its properties include:

  • Healing energies (it can be used to clear negative energy)

  • Grounding energies (helps keep us connected with the earth)

  • Balancing energies (promotes harmony)

Cleanse, Balance and Shield Yourself with Crystals.

Crystals can be used to cleanse, balance and shield yourself from negative energy.

  • Cleansing

To cleanse crystals, place them in the moonlight overnight or under direct sunlight for at least an hour. The sun's rays will charge the crystal with positive energy while it's being exposed to nature's beauty (and maybe even some wildlife).

  • Balancing

You can also use crystals to balance your chakras by placing them on each of the seven energy centers in your body: crown (7th), third eye (6th), throat (5th), heart (4th), solar plexus (3rd), sacrum/sexual center (2nd) and base/root chakra (1st). If you want an extra boost of power during this process then hold onto something else that has been cleansed beforehand like a piece of rose quartz!

Use Clear Quartz Crystal in Orgonite to Attract Positive Energy.

If you're interested in using crystals to help attract positive energy into your life, or if you want to use them as a protective talisman against negative energy, then orgonite might be worth looking into. Orgonite is made from a combination of metals and crystals--in this case quartz crystal--and has been shown to have positive effects on its users by helping them attract positive energy and protect against harmful psychic attacks or other forms of negative energy.

Orgonite can be made using many different materials; copper and steel are common choices because they conduct electricity well enough for the purpose of creating an "energy field" around yourself which will protect you from outside influences (such as those emanating from other people). However there are some who prefer not to use metal at all due either religious reasons or because they feel it may weaken their connection with nature/Gaia/Mother Earth etcetera etcetera; these folks often opt instead for resin mixed with quartz crystal powder instead - while this won't conduct electricity like metal does (or at least not nearly as well), it still works just fine unless someone tries really hard!

Use Clear Quartz Crystal as a Feng Shui Cure for Health, Love and Wealth.

The best way to use a clear quartz crystal is as a Feng Shui cure. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that can help you create positive energy in your home and boost your health, love life, and finances.

To start using Clear Quartz Crystal as a Feng Shui cure:

  • Place the Clear Quartz Crystal on or near the front door of your house (this will attract wealth).

  • Use it as an accent piece on top of a bookshelf or desk where you pay bills (this brings love into your life).

  • If you have animals living in the house with you (cats/dogs), place one on each side of their bed so they're surrounded by positive energy when sleeping at night (this helps keep them calm).

Clear Quartz Crystal as a Powerful Manifestation Tool for Wealth, Success and Romance.

Clear quartz is a powerful manifestation tool for wealth, success and romance. It's also an excellent stone to use if you want to manifest inner peace or self-confidence.

Black Onyx is a stone of protection. It absorbs negative energy and can be used to absorb curses or hexes. It's also a very powerful stone for grounding and centering.

It's a great stone to use if you're working with other crystals as it amplifies their energy and can even enhance the healing properties of other stones. Black Onyx is also a powerful grounding stone that can help remove negativity from your body and aura.

How to Charge a Clear Quartz Crystal with Solar Energy for Healing or Manifesting.

You can charge your crystals with the sun.

It is possible to use a window or a light box, but if you want to charge them quickly and effectively, try using solar energy. All you need is an hour or so of direct sunlight and your crystal will be ready for use! Just make sure it's not too hot outside, otherwise you might burn yourself on the crystal when handling it later on (which would be bad).

If this isn't an option for whatever reason (maybe because winter), then consider buying yourself one of these nifty little gadgets: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071Q2FV5J/. They're called "solar panels" and they work just like those tiny little batteries do in watches! They collect sunlight throughout the day so that when night falls and there are no longer any rays coming through windows...you still have some power left over from earlier today.''

How to Use Placement of Crystals in Feng Shui to Enhance the Purifying Power of Water Element in Your Home.

If you want to use crystal energy to purify the water element in your home, try placing a bowl of clear quartz crystals in the south of your living room or bedroom. The south is associated with this element because it's where the sun rises and sets during summer and winter respectively, which means that it will help keep things cool when temperatures rise.

The idea behind this placement is that the crystals will absorb any negative energy from outside sources before they can spread throughout your house. They also have the power to balance out any imbalances in their immediate surroundings by absorbing excess positive or negative energy respectively--and since we all know how annoying it can be when someone else brings bad vibes into our lives (especially at work), this technique can really come in handy!

How to Use Placement of Crystals in Feng Shui to Enhance the Cleansing Energy of Fire Element in Your Home.

Fire is the element that represents energy, passion and creativity. It's associated with the south direction, as well as red and gold colors. The wood element is associated with fire because it gives us a sense of warmth and comfort while metal represents strength and durability--both essential qualities needed when dealing with intense emotions like anger or frustration.

Fire can be used to cleanse your home by placing crystals in strategic locations throughout your house so they're exposed to sunlight during daylight hours (but remember not all crystals need light). For example: If you want to increase positive energy around your desk space where you work on projects every day then place clear quartz crystal near your computer screen or laptop so it's visible whenever someone looks up from their work! Or maybe there's an area where there tends toward being more conflict between family members? Then consider placing rose quartz near this area since it will help promote harmony among those involved!

These uses will help you improve your health, relationships and more!

  • Improve your health.

  • Improve your relationships.

  • Clear out negative energy from your home and aura.

  • Manifest what you want in life!


After reading this article, you may be tempted to run out and buy your own set of crystals. But remember that they are not just pretty rocks! They have powerful healing properties that can help you improve your life in many ways. If you're looking for some good places to start with your crystal collection, we recommend starting with either Clear Quartz or Rose Quartz Crystals--they're both great for purification purposes!

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