14 Crystals For Strength So You Can Get Through Anything

14 Crystals For Strength So You Can Get Through Anything


It’s hard to get through the day when you’re feeling weak. Whether it’s a bad case of the flu or a general feeling of fatigue, there are times when we all need some extra strength to get through life's challenges. You might have heard about people wearing crystals for energy healing, but did you know that certain crystals can also be used for physical strength? Here are 14 crystals that will help you get through anything:


Amethyst is a stone of protection, associated with the crown chakra. It's also a stone of spiritual awareness, and helps to clear the third eye chakra. Amethyst is said to bring peace, tranquility and balance into your life.

Amethyst comes in many different colors including purple or lavender shades; white; yellowish-green - this particular color is called citrine (which can also be found as an actual mineral). The best way to choose an amethyst crystal for yourself is by looking at its color--you want one that has vibrant hues that aren't too light or too dark so they stand out against other crystals when they're next to each other on display! If possible try holding each one in your hand before buying it so you can get an idea if it feels right for yourself!


Apophyllite is a crystal that helps you heal and release old wounds. It helps you to move on from past experiences and to let go of things that are no longer serving you. This crystal is great for people who have been through traumatic events in their lives, as it can help them find peace within themselves so they can move forward with their lives.

Apophyllite also helps people who feel lost or confused in life find a sense of direction again by bringing clarity into their lives. If someone has lost their way, apophyllite will help them get back on track by helping them see what needs to be done next in order for them reach their goals and dreams faster than before!


Aventurine is a stone of opportunity and good fortune. It's also a stone of creativity, energy, and motivation. Aventurine can help you to get in touch with your emotions so that you can make better decisions about what actions to take in any given situation. If you're feeling stressed out or overwhelmed by life's challenges (or even if this isn't something that happens often), holding an Aventurine crystal could help clear away negative emotions and bring more positive ones into play instead.


Bloodstone is a stone of courage, strength and vitality. It can help you to be more open with your feelings by helping you let go of fear and anger.

Bloodstone is also known as Heliotrope, which means "to turn toward the sun". The blood red color in this stone symbolizes blood, life force energy and passion; while its green banding represents healing & growth.


Carnelian is a stone of courage and will power. It helps you to take action and overcome fear, which can be useful when you're trying to kick a bad habit or make a big decision in your life. Carnelian is also known as the "stone of creativity," so if you're looking for new ideas or inspiration in your work, this one's for you!

Carnelian brings warmth, energy, and life force into the body by activating the root chakra (the base of your spine). It helps strengthen our sense of self-worth while helping us accept ourselves just as we are--flaws and all!


Citrine is a yellow to golden-yellow quartz that is often used as a substitute for topaz. It's also known as the "sun stone," because it's said to help bring out your inner sunshine and brighten up your day.

Citrine helps with prosperity and abundance, which makes sense considering its color. It can help attract wealth and prosperity into your life while also improving self-esteem so that you're better able to handle any challenges that come along with this new influx of money (or other material gains).


Fluorite is a great stone to help you to be strong, and to give you the courage to face your fears. It helps you to see things in a more positive light, and can help boost your self-esteem. Fluorite also helps people who are timid or shy by making them more assertive and confident. This crystal can help bring harmony into relationships that have been strained by arguments or disagreements. It has been used as an aid for meditation because it helps balance out emotions while calming stress levels so that the mind can focus on achieving inner peace or higher consciousness."

Jade (Any)

Jade is a stone of wisdom and healing. It can help you find your inner strength and power, which is especially important if you're feeling weak or vulnerable.

Jade has been used in China for thousands of years as an aid to meditation and spiritual growth, because it helps people to see themselves more clearly so they can make better decisions about their lives.

Jade has also been used as protection against negative energies or bad luck, so if you feel like someone or something is taking advantage of you (or maybe even putting a hex on you), this crystal will help keep them away!

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of truth, a protective stone that enhances psychic abilities and brings wisdom. It's also an excellent crystal for anyone who has trouble speaking their mind.

Lapis Lazuli helps you to communicate your feelings in a clear and compassionate way without being aggressive or hurtful towards others. This makes it an excellent stone for those who have difficulty saying no when asked for help by someone else; it will give them the strength to say "no" without feeling guilty about it later on down the road!

In addition to these benefits, Lapis Lazuli can help protect travelers from harm during their journeys by providing protection against accidents such as car crashes or plane crashes (source).


Malachite is a stone of transformation, and it's especially helpful for those who are going through a change in their life. It helps you to let go of the past, so that you can move on with your life.

Malachite also promotes self-confidence and self-esteem, which makes it great for those who are feeling insecure or depressed.


Moldavite is a type of tektite, a glassy, natural glass formed by the impact of a meteorite. It has been used for centuries as an amulet and talisman to help one understand their true purpose in life.

Moldavites have been found all over the world but are most abundant in Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic) where they were first discovered in 1787. These pieces can range from bright green to brownish-green with hints of blue or purple throughout depending on how they've been cut and polished.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love. It is a stone of the heart and the heart chakra, and it helps us to connect with our own feelings. It can also help us to understand what other people are feeling, which makes it great for empaths and healers alike.

Rose Quartz has been used since ancient times as an aid to meditation, calming emotions and soothing panic attacks or anxiety. It encourages self-acceptance while helping you let go of negative thoughts or emotional baggage that may be holding you back from experiencing happiness in your life right now!

Rose Quartz promotes compassion, empathy and forgiveness both within yourself (particularly towards yourself) but also towards others - including those who have hurt us in some way in our past or present lives...

Tiger Eye

Tiger's Eye is also a stone of protection and strength. It helps to overcome fear and brings courage, making it a good stone for people who are afraid of the dark or have anxiety issues that keep them from sleeping, such as those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Tiger's Eye can be used to help with depression by bringing more joy into your life.


Turquoise is a stone of protection and healing, which makes it a great crystal to have around when you're going through something difficult. It helps you let go of things that are not serving you, giving you the strength and courage to move forward.

Turquoise also promotes communication, whether through verbal communication or non-verbal cues such as body language or facial expressions. This can be especially helpful if your feelings are hurt because someone doesn't seem receptive to what you're saying--turquoise will help keep things clear between the two parties involved so that misunderstandings don't arise (and so nobody feels like they're walking on eggshells!).


We hope that this article has helped you find your strength, and we wish you the best of luck as you navigate through life's challenges. If you have any questions or concerns about the crystals mentioned in this post, please contact us at [email protected]

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