3 Benefits of Black Tourmaline Orgonites

3 Benefits of Black Tourmaline Orgonites

Before understanding the benefits of BLACK TOURMALINE ORGONITES, let us throw some light of knowledge on the basics. What is basically Orgone? Orgone is the sources of energy and when we can feel it is intangible i.e, we can't touch, but when we transform it into some substance it Is tangible i.e, we can see and touch. This substance is called Orgonite. We get energy from the universe in various forms like Sun, Water, Minerals, Gas, Air, Light. It attracts positive energy and eliminates negative energies.


BLACK TOURMALINE ORGONITES is a powerful substance that protects us from EMF ( Electromagnetic field). Radio waves, Microwaves and power lines generate EMF.

Now let us understand the benefits of BLACK TOURMALINE ORGONITES:

There are many befits that we derive from BLACK TOURMALINE ORGONITES. Some of them are as under:

1)    Physical Healing:- BLACK TOURMALINE ORGONITES is very useful in reflexology. Reflexology means massage to relieve pains tiredness by figure pressure based on the assumption that there are stress points or reflexology points on feet, hands, and head that are connected to all parts of the body. Through reflexology human body gets relief from all sorts of pains from strained or torn muscles, arthritis, numbness, and scar tissue and provides real benefit in human well-being. Although reflexology does not diagnose or cure a disease. Millions of people around the globe use it as a complementary remedy for other treatment like asthma, cardiovascular, diabetes, headache, kidney functions, PMS and Sinusitis. BLACK TOURMALINE ORGONITES also strengthen immune systems.

2)    Emotional Well-being:- BLACK TOURMALINE ORGONITES smoothens emotional imbalances in life by purifying, cleaning negative thoughts and behavior, anxieties, anger, feeling of loneliness. It helps people in overcoming any kind of depression and self-harming thoughts like suicide.it also helps in dealing with negative thoughts like socially not acceptable, chronic worries, and various physiological disorders. BLACK TOURMALINE ORGONITES also helps in increasing the ability to deal with stress and also deal with the outside world with clear objectives and practical creativity and confidence. Those who are having low social esteem and lack of confidence BLACK TOURMALINE ORGONITES proves a remedial course of action.

3)    Spiritual well- being:- BLACK TOURMALINE ORGONITES is a devotion to spiritual powers and strength. It brings a clear vision to those who do not understand the love of this entire nature or universe. The positive strength of this BLACK TOURMALINE ORGONITES is effective in clearing the blockage of negative energies. It creates confidence in self and strengthens the bridge human and spiritualism.

On the whole, we can say BLACK TOURMALINE ORGONITES provides strength, release the positive energy, cleanse the blockage of negative thoughts and maintain the balance between the universe and human beings through many benefits of physical, emotional and spiritual.

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