4 Crystals That Promote Loving Energy

4 Crystals That Promote Loving Energy

The healing power of stones works through the regulation of the surrounding energy, which can facilitate the feeling of full happiness in the long term. As if they had the ability to open a field of electromagnetic energy through elements of nature itself. For this reason, it is important to ensure that a connection is generated between the person and the crystal, even if it transcends geographical and temporal logic since it is a link with the purpose of a spiritual well-being, emotional and mental stability as well as a focus in actions and transformation.

But how to know which stone to use? Here we share 4 crystals that promote love and spiritual happiness:

  1. Pink quartz: It is one of the most common and powerful crystals for emotional healing and universal love. In case you want to find a connection with the surrounding world, rose quartz helps to achieve this by balancing the energy inside and outside the body. Once loving energy guides us, we will be able to ascend to all our potentials beyond hostility and ego. In other words, the rose quartz teaches forgiveness and genuine acceptance. The properties of the pink quartz stone are very extensive. It is a crystal capable of generating positive energies thanks to its low vibration. In love, rose quartz crystal is known to have amazing potential and offer great help in loving and spiritual growth. Both the raw pink crystal and any other decoration that carries this mineral, have the same properties. Numerous experts have spoken about the incredible properties of pure rose quartz and its great potential.
  2. Ajoite: Ajoite emits the loving energy of the Goddess and Mother Earth (Gaia), helping the sweet and loving communication with the Spirits and the Angels. It usually appears on quartz and is a precious emotional support stone especially for women. This crystal embodies positive metaphysical properties that help healers and brings peace and harmony. It is a highly spiritual stone, which elevates you to the spiritual realms where you can meet the angels and talk to the spirit.
  3. Citrine: Focused on joy and joviality, the citrine helps to remember never losing the desire for life and the courage to achieve happiness. With an innate ability to release all the negative charge, the citrine helps to prepare the spirit for the new adventure generating inspiration and energy.
  4. Larimar: It is a crystal to enhance calm, tranquillity and solidarity. Carrying a larimar will help to remember the immensity and wisdom of the sea to face the obstacles and changes. Facilitates peace of mind and the release of grief. In case of using it as an offering, its vibrations resonate towards creativity and calmness.

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