5 Classic Orgonite Chakra Pyramids

5 Classic Orgonite Chakra Pyramids

Orgone is the medium of power and energy of the universe.When this energy is converted into a substance is called orgonite. These orgonite has natural powers of the universe. It is believed that it converts negative vibes into positive energy. Chakra is the energy that circulated in the seven points of our spinal column. These chakras are the vital elements of our body. As we all know, pyramids are a triangular structure in the form of a monument attached at the top. It has a square and a triangular base with sloping slides.

Let's combine all these three terms orgonite chakra pyramid and discuss them in detail:-

1)    Heart Chakra pyramid:-Tthe heart chakra is the center of love, emotions, and harmony. It is located in the middle of the chest in the sternum near the heart. It is associated with the heart and lungs, breadth, immune system and the blood. We express our love and feelings through this chakra. This pyramid is made up of green aventurine quartz which balances love and emotions. It helps the respiratory systems. It is useful for those who are having problems with blood pressure, sleeping and breathing difficulties.

2)    Throat chakra:- This chakra pyramid takes care of the energy center which deals with the communication and expression part. We verbalized out thoughts and creativity through this chakra. It is made up of blue sodalite. This pyramid promotes the expression of love, confidence, and self-esteem. It is very useful for those having the problem of throat, ear, nose. It takes care of thymus and thyroid gland which is a vital element of our body.

3)    Sacral chakra pyramid:- It is made up of yellow aventurine sphere and copper. This pyramid is used for sexual desires, pleasures, and instincts. It has the property of will, creativity love and success. This pyramid is helpful for those having ailments like kidney pain, digestion, and intestinal problems, low sexual desires.

4)    Root chakra Pyramid:- It is the first of the seven energy centers. The root chakra governs the physical dimension of the body and is located at the base of the spine. This pyramid is very useful for grounding and stabilizing. Those who are suffering from the fear, lack of control and insecurity this pyramid is very useful.

5)    Solar plexus chakra:- This chakra represents mental abilities, power, and expression of will. This chakra says show display your power to the outside world. Its appearance is yellow and its located near the upper part of the belly. It is useful in diabetes and other stomach related issues.

So these classic orgonite chakra pyramids are associated with different parts of the body and is useful in keeping the health in good condition and brings positivity.

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