5 Energy Crystals For Aries And Taurus

5 Energy Crystals For Aries And Taurus

Each zodiac sign has a different type of characteristic associated with it. These characteristics of that particular zodiac sign affect the individuals who belong to that sign in a positive or negative manner, depending upon the positioning of the sun in the zodiac.
Aries being the first sign of the zodiac has a very competitive nature. It wants to excel in every field and hosts stockpiles of fiery energy. The aggressive nature of the Aries helps it in challenging situations and develops persistence as well.
Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. Taurus brings happiness and warmth, following the frantic, get-up-and-go energy of Aries. Taurians are calmer and full of attitude. These people are also stubborn and want what they desire.
However, there are a few traits to the people belonging to Aries as well as Taurus zodiac, which might hamper their overall growth.
Energy Crystals can be used to overcome these shortcomings and lead a better way of life. Below is the list of few crystals that can help in this manner.

Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli
The energy of Taurus wants you to be happy with what you have and not to look beyond that because there is nothing than the comforts that already surround you.
Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone that can be used to open the third-eye chakra, which frees your intuition and inner power to guide you.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz
This healing crystal builds clarity in Aries and Taurus and helps them to see a clear picture of their path. Quartz also helps to soothe the aggressive qualities of Aries, as aggression might cause a few disappointments.
The energy crystal also helps to solve misunderstandings, thereby promoting trust in Aries individuals. For Taurians, Clear Quartz helps them to control their desires & be content in what they have.


This is a powerful stone that is associated with Mars and proves to be apt for offering focus & stability to Aries. The dynamic personality of Aries can sometimes overwhelm others, thus bloodstone helps to keep the Aries from being over-confident & makes them decent & peaceful.
Feelings like pride and anger are canceled off due to the strong effect of bloodstone, thereby keeping the person grounded and positive.

Rutilated Quartz

rutilated quartz
This energy crystal is an illuminator for the soul which promotes spiritual growth. This gemstone cleanses & energizes the aura of the Aries as well as Taurus individuals & draws off the negative energy that encompasses them during times of turmoil.
This crystal stone also offers protection against the thoughts of others.


This is a gemstone that is useful during meditation to open the third-eye chakra, which is necessary when the sun is in Taurus and this chakra is more likely to become blocked.
Kyanite also aids in communication and balance.

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