5 Energy Crystals For Summer Solstice

5 Energy Crystals For Summer Solstice

The summer solstice marks the official beginning of summer. Since ancient times, people have associated the seasons with different energies.
For example, summer is associated with excitement, joy, and passion. During this time, everyone is motivated, happy and full of life.
If you wish to connect to the energies of summer, below are a few such energy crystals:


Citrine is known to carry the powers of the sun and is said to bring warmth, joy, and happiness into one’s life. This is a natural birthstone for those people who are born at the beginning of summer.
Citrine transforms negative energy into positivity and helps one to move forward in life and enjoy the new experience and adventures.


The name of this itself suggests that it is connected to the sun. Ancients believed that sunstone was part of the sun and fell to earth during a full solar eclipse.
This Sunstone stone carries the energy of the Egyptian sun god Ra & brings energy to all of life on earth. Sunstone provides one’s life with joy, freedom and personal power.


Summer is a time when creativity is at its peak and carnelian is a healing stone that ensures that your energy remains at optimum levels to fulfill everything that you desire.
Carnelian keeps you grateful for the blessings in your life as well as for those you are creating.


Topaz is named after the sun for activating the life force energy of this stone. This is a stone of friendship, love, gentle nature & fidelity.
The ancients believed that if you give your loved one a Topaz pendant then it provides protection & keeps them safe. You can wear this Topaz stone during the solstice to help connect to the other dimensions of consciousness.

Tiger’s Eye

tiger eye stone
This is a very powerful and energetic crystal that combines the sun’s vitality with the grounding nature of the earth. This stone is basically a confidence and power booster so one can use it in any situation.
Tiger’s eye is a perfect energy stone for connecting with the solstice sun energy and its benefits from its radiance.

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