5 Essential Crystals For Healing Root Chakra

5 Essential Crystals For Healing Root Chakra

The Root chakra is all about financial, emotional and physical stability and balance. If you ever feel excessively fearful, then it is a sign that your Root chakra energy is too low.
Alternatively, if you have too much energy in your Root Chakra, then it can manifest unhealthy habits like clinging on to old belief systems and possessions that no longer serve you.
If you lack emotional stability or struggle to let things go, then your Root chakra may be the problem. Thus, it is very necessary to stabilize this chakra and ensure a balanced flow of energy inside it.
Following is a list of crystals that can be used to balance, unblock and activate the Root chakra.

Red Jasper

red jasper

Called as the Stone of Vibrancy and Endurance, red jasper is an ideal crystal to stabilize your root chakra.
This nurturing crystal stirs life back into your chi and helps to boost motivation. Red Jasper also helps in meditation and other spiritual practices
This crystal carries spiritual grounding energy that ensures you remain connected to your true power.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline

This is an empowering gemstone for the Root Chakra. It repels negative energies around you and transmutes lower energy frequencies.
Black tourmaline also promotes a positive attitude, happiness, and good luck. This stone stops the negativity from other people’s unkind thoughts from affecting you.
This stone is a great addition to your kit if you wish to stabilize your root chakra since it removes negativity from your mind and protects you against psychic attacks.



This is an excellent root chakra stone, a powerful grounding crystal that helps cool off feelings of impatience and irritability.
The combination of green and red represents a mix of growth, fearlessness, and strength, so it provides a barrier to negativity and protects against threats.
Bloodstone is a powerful cleanser and healer that strongly connects with the Root chakra.

Red Carnelian


This is one of the most captivating healing stones. It stores bold energy that brings warmth and joy to its user.
It has been a symbol of courage and leadership throughout history. This crystal is also perfect for emotional stabilization and boosts concentration.
Red Carnelian is commonly known as the stone of motivation and tolerance.This flow of energy also empowers, stimulates and strengthens the root chakra.



This is one of the best crystals for the Root chakra as it transforms negativity into positivity. This crystal draws the negative energy from your aura and filters it through the heart chakra.
It also reduces anxiety and keeps you grounded in reality. Hematite also has abilities that help you to overcome bad habits by boosting your courage, will power and survival instincts.
Called The Stone of The Mind, hematite’s grounding energy develops logical thinking and assist in decision making, thus relaxing your root chakra.

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