5 Gemstones That Magically Change Their Colour

5 Gemstones That Magically Change Their Colour

There are gemstones that are named specifically as per the colour they reveal. For example, turquoise, aquamarine gemstone, opal, etc are just some of those crystals from this list.
There are crystals that have effervescent optical characteristics of changing colours depending on the angle you view them or the way by which the light falls on them.
For example, Fluorite is another crystal which is commonly blue and changes to purple.
Following is a list of few such Gemstones that magically change their colour.


Garnet can also change colour based on the lighting they are viewed in. Their colour change ranges from deep red to tones of orange and brown to vibrant greens to subtle tinges of pink and purple.
This colour changing gemstone is associated to protect its owner in the night and is worn by travelers for this very reason.


Sapphire is well known for its amazing blue colours but a rare type of sapphire has colour changing abilities. Sapphire is found in Myanmar in Burma, Sri Lanka, and Kashmir.
The colour change usually shifts from blue in natural light and purple in artificial lighting.



Diaspore is another crystal that shows the colour change. This colour changing ability of diaspore can show up to three distinctive colours.
Zultanite and Casrite are the names given to a very special form of diaspore that exhibits this colour change.


Andesine is a colour changing gemstone as well and shows shades of red, green and yellow. This crystal is sourced in Mongolia and Tibet, where only a few of the extracted ones have colour changing abilities.
If you are able to find a colour changing Andesine, you will observe a shift of colours between green to bright purple.


Alexandrite runs a beaming green shade in daylight and mysteriously transforms into rich blue under fluorescent light.
If you expose this stone to incandescent light, the same stone displays a majestic play of orange and red colour when exposed to incandescent light.
These colour changing gemstones are very rare and hence they are sold at a slightly higher price than usual. However, they are worth every penny as they display such magical characteristics.

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