Clear Away Unwanted Energies From A Place With Energy Crystals

Clear Away Unwanted Energies From A Place With Energy Crystals

Bad energies that accumulate in a particular place can prove to be very harmful to the people who come in contact with that place on a daily basis. Toxic energies from arguments or illnesses can accumulate in shared spaces such as living rooms, kitchen, etc.
It becomes necessary to immediately get rid of these energies as they can harm you in different ways. Healing crystals have been used for ages to tackle the negative energies inside a person and around him.
These crystals have properties that remove the toxic elements from your aura & make you stable and happy in life. You can either wear stones on your body or you can keep them around in your space to benefit from their energies.
Following is a list of few such energy crystals that help clear away unwanted energies:

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline
This stone is known for its ability to protect its users from negative energies & influences. This stone is considered to be one of the most powerful protection crystals in the world as it repels negative energy from the receiver & gives it back to the sender.
Tourmaline can also remove energy blocks and stagnancies including anxiety, fear, and stress. It corresponds to the root chakra, so you need to keep it close to the lower half of the body to help ground your energy.

Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz
This energy stone resonates with the base chakra & grounds and removes negative energy from your aura. This stone can also help protect your material objects & valuable possessions such as money, vehicles, jewellery, etc.
This crystal absorbs the negative energies and gives it back to earth, which in turn grounds them and offers you peace and calm. You can also keep this crystal in your office to curb the gossiping about you and create a healthy workspace.


This stone is very protective in nature and creates a reflective shield around a person who wears it. These stones are convenient for meditation as they can block out distractions and other focus disruptors.
Crystals for negative thoughts like hematite deflect the toxic elements back to their source. Issues associated with the root chakra like irrational fears, worries about survival, etc can be eased with the help of hematite.
The stones mentioned above are some of the most popular crystals that can aid in removing negativity from your life. You can wear these gemstones in the form of a ring or a bracelet or keep them in your house or office for overall peace and protection.

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