5 Important Hacks For Handling Your Gemstones Securely

5 Important Hacks For Handling Your Gemstones Securely

Crystals are one of the most amazing gifts given to us by mother nature and it is important that we use them carefully for our own benefit.
The metaphysical properties of these energy crystals are affected by how we use them and hence it is necessary to handle the crystals with utmost care.
Below is a list of five hacks that you can use to take care of your beloved gemstones:

Build a shelf

Crystals are available in all shaped and size and which is why every crystal needs a different level of attention. If in case you possess large geodes and clusters, then the best way to keep them safe is to build a shelf for them.
This not only allows you to display these crystals proudly but also keeps them out of reach of small children who do not know how to care for them.

Clean them regularly

Crystals absorb and transform energy and vibrations around them. The transformation is what makes them useful to us and they can absorb negative energy and revert it into positive energy.
You can clean your crystals with the help of water, moonlight, and earth. Do ensure that you do the cleansing process with utmost care.

Charge your crystals

Crystals tend to lose their charge after enough use. Crystals gain their power through light and vibration and so as to recharge them, you must expose them to light and the vibrations of other positive stones.
You can either keep them under sunlight or charge them using other crystals.

Programming your crystals with care

You need to program your crystals with your intentions. For doing this, you need to decide what purpose you wish to serve with the help of these crystals.Since each crystal has its own meaning, you can further refine its purpose.
Once the purpose is done, dedicate the crystal to that purpose by affirmation & visualization.

Create a shrine or put them in boxes

Once you are done with the crystal healing, you should not keep them anywhere in the house. Proper care should be taken to make the crystals available for the next use. 
You can give praise and hail the almighty crystal with a dedicated shrine in your home. An effective storage solution can also include placing them in an organized divider for quick and easy access.

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