5 Little Known Facts About Wi-Fi And Phone Radiation

5 Little Known Facts About Wi-Fi And Phone Radiation

We woke up with it, we communicate through it and we work with it. Sometimes, we unveiled in the middle of the night to consult it. And if we lose it, hysteria invades us.

The current world is unimaginable without the cell phone. So much so that today many are obsessed with this device.

But in recent years, with the increase in cancer cases - one of the leading causes of death worldwide - concerns have grown regarding the possible links between our inseparable cell phones and the risk of developing malignant tumours.

Potential Risks:

Cellular RF waves are "a form of electromagnetic energy found between FM radio waves and microwaves, and they are a form of non-ionizing radiation, " the American Cancer Society (ACS) said on its website.

  1. Wi-Fi and Phone radiation promotes insomnia

Have you noticed that you tend to stay awake after using a Wi-Fi connection (Smartphone, computer, tablet), with difficulties to find sleep?

The conclusion to remember is that sleeping near a phone, a device connected to Wi-Fi or in an apartment where many Wi-Fi devices are connected at the same time, are factors that can explain chronic insomnia.

  1. Wi-Fi and Phone radiation disrupts children's development and growth

Exposure to the non-thermal frequency of the wireless phone's electromagnetic waves can affect the normal development of cells, especially the foetus. Two studies were done on this in 2004 and 2009, all of which confirmed delayed kidney development due to disruption of protein synthesis. This dysfunction can be very serious because "this cellular property is particularly pronounced in growing tissues, in children and young people. As a result, these population groups would be more sensitive than average to the described effects.

  1. Wi-Fi and Phone Radiation affects cell growth

When a group of Danish students in the 9th academic year had trouble concentrating after sleeping next to smartphones, they decided to test the influence of wireless routers on the cress (plant). In a room without Wi-Fi radiation, plants were grown. In another room, the same species of plants were grown where a level of radiation of the Wi-Fi waves equivalent to that of a cell phone was emitted. Result: the plants located near the Wi-Fi radiation did not grow.

  1. Wi-Fi and Phone radiation disrupts brain function

Following the difficulties of concentration of Danish students, scientists have evaluated the impact of 4G on brain function ... Thanks to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology, this study has shown that people exposed to radiation 4G had reduced brain activity.

  1. Wi-Fi and Phone radiation reduces brain activity in women

A group of 30 healthy volunteers, including 15 men and 15 women, underwent a simple memory test. At first, a test experiment was conducted on the entire group without being subjected to the waves of EMF. The group was not a problem. Then they were exposed to a 2.4 GHz frequency from a wireless access point for about 45 minutes. During this test, the researchers measured brain activity and found that a significant change in the level of brain activity was observed in women (compared to men).


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