5 Places to Use Crystals in Your Home

5 Places to Use Crystals in Your Home

5 Places to Use Crystals in Your Home

Healing crystals have risen to fame in recent years and people are using them in their daily life to make it beautiful and healthy. Every crystal is different from others and vibrates at a specific frequency. When these frequencies interact with the human energy field, it facilitates the healing process. The most common way of being in the vicinity of these crystals is by using them in the form of jewellery.
However, there are many more ways by which you can make use of these crystals. There are many places in your home where you can place these crystals to attract positive energy and happiness. Following is a list of few such places:

Front door

When you come home from outside, there are different energies that are attached to you and try to get inside your house. Most of these energies are not good and hence you need to protect your house from them. Placing black tourmaline at the entrance can help to keep such energies outside, thereby allowing only positive energies to come into your house.


This is a private place for couples as it allows them to be with each other and express their love intimately. Placing crystals like rose quartz on your night table can elevate passion and romance in the room. Placing amethyst will help to promote good sleep.

Living room

This is the place where you communicate with one another. Placing a crystal-like amber on your coffee table can help enhance your communication and bring in energy and enthusiasm in that space.


Preparing food is a very creative task and you need to be at your best to cook a delicious dish that will be loved by all. Placing a crystal-like a carnelian in the kitchen can bring uplifting energy to that space and will help you to be more creative. Placing celestite will enhance health and well-being.


This is the place where you often need to concentrate and focus on your work or studies. Placing amethyst will help to focus and open your mind while placing fluorite will help improve your focus and concentration.

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