6 Most Effective Crystals For Your Yoga Practice

6 Most Effective Crystals For Your Yoga Practice

When you practice yoga, you gain control over your mind, body, and soul.
The physical and mental disciplines that you practice during yoga help in achieving a peaceful body and mind.
Yoga helps to manage stress and anxiety and keeps you relaxed.
Apart from this, it also helps in increasing flexibility, muscle strength, and immunity.
Medical professionals and celebrities across the world are adopting and recommending the regular practice of yoga due to its wide range of benefits.
But to reap benefits the benefits of yoga, one needs to consistently practice it every day, which requires hard work and dedication.

Bringing healing crystals into your daily practice can open the door for new intentions and energies which would bless your life with happiness and health.



This stone has the power to boost peace and stability thereby making this stone ideal for meditation and creating serenity in your life.
This healing stone removes every single trace of negativity from your mind and fills it with positive thoughts.
Amethyst brings inner strength to you and stabilizes your emotions as well.
This stone is ideal to use during yoga because of its gentle and peaceful vibes.

Rose quartz

rose quartz

This crystal of love will help to attract and keep love, but it can also help you to recover from grief and pain.
When you start using rose quartz during your yoga practice, it will help to heal your heart and will make you more gentle and tolerant in nature.
This stone opens your heart and tells you to accept love from your surroundings.

Clear quartz

clear quartz

This stone is highly prized for offering a clear and precise mind to its user.
This stone is especially useful when you are meditating because a mind that is free of unnecessary thoughts would help you to dwell deeper into the higher realms.
This crystal is called as the master of all healing crystals because it amplifies or magnifies the healing vibrations of other crystals.
Clear quartz also enhances your psychic abilities and aids in concentration and brings the body into balance.



This is a stone which carries the powers of the sun and has bright energy stored inside it.
Citrine emanates positive energy and joy and helps to ward off the negative energy.
This stone is also said to beneficial in supporting your digestion as well as metabolism.
Citrine helps you to feel joyful while practicing yoga which makes it a great addition to your kit.

Black tourmaline

black tourmaline

Whenever you wish to do something good about your health, like practicing yoga in this case, there are some negative forces that tend to pull you down in one way or another.
Black tourmaline is a stone that removes such negative elements from your mind and body and forms a protective shield around you.
This stone also works with your Root chakra and helps to keep you grounded during difficult situations.



This crystal is filled with the feminine energy of the moon and emits gentle and soothing vibes that help to bring serenity to your everyday practice.
This stone is known to increase intuition as well as wisdom.
This stone brings abundance to your life and offers you protection during challenging times.
Moonstone calms you down and offers emotional stability that offers you calmness.
From injecting happiness to manifesting your intentions, these stones can help to enhance your everyday yoga practice.
You can place these crystals around your mat as you practice or wear it in the form of a pendant.
Whichever way you use them, these stones are bound to offer you an amazing experience.
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