A Beginner Guide to Crystal Grids

A Beginner Guide to Crystal Grids

A Beginner Guide to Crystal Grids

Have you heard the phrase ‘more the merrier’? If you have been recently been feeling very influenced by a crystal that you just introduced in your life, here’s some news; that energy can be highly amplified! All you need is the power of more crystals and geometry.
We’re talking about crystal grids. If you’ve never heard of crystal grids, they are a set of different stones, usually with a master stone at the center of them all which is slightly bigger than the rest of them. These stones are arranged in geometric patterns, usually circularly, and they are used to help focus energies of different stones to focus heavily on certain intentions.
But when people hear about this, they think they can do this on their own. When something like this happens, people just improvise and create a random grid with what they think are the best crystals for them. Here are 4 easy steps in which a crystal grid can come out the way you intend them to be!

Be Sure of Your Intention

The first thing that’s important before you even start is, being sure of what you want out of this crystal grid. Is it an abundance of wealth, love, better health, stronger will power, whatever it may be, you need to be absolutely certain of what you want. Wanting a lot of various things at once can create overwhelming energy and make things even difficult for you.

Deciding Grid Shape

If Instagram is to be believed, grids can’t look beautiful if they’re not massive. But again, grids are a very personal thing, which works differently for every individual. Sometimes small circles or squares can do the trick. Each type of grid carries with itself, different energy.

Picking The Right Stones

Once you’ve set your intention, do a little research on the properties of different stones, and see which stones work best for you, and which of those work well together. Usually, stones that have the same color or same elemental properties usually work well with each other.

Activate Your Grid

To activate your crystal grid, you can use your voice, a crystal wand or the power of sound. A tuning fork or a sound bowl usually works really well for sound cleansing, and essential oils work well to cleanse the grids surrounding. To activate, saying a prayer in your own voice works well.

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