A Guide To Using Resins  In The Making Of Orgonites

A Guide To Using Resins In The Making Of Orgonites

When we are up to making orgonites the main question that arises is which resin to use. Orgonites are beautiful pieces of stones made for different artistic purposes. Resins are the main material used while making them. To bring out the best orgonites the choice and selection of resins should be made carefully. 

There are two types of resins that can be used for making orgonites in art and craft. They are as follows-

Epoxy-This kind of resin is the most common and easily available resin. It is used the most by people when it comes to making orgonites. Resins are mostly made of toxic chemicals. This is of great concern to people. Epoxy is one of the resins that contain the least toxins and makes it a favourite amongst common people. 

It is also safe to work without a respirator mask in a well-ventilated room while using epoxy resin. Once epoxy is in the process of being used and cured to make orgonites gives a lot of time to work on other processes of making orgonites. Epoxy is supposed to be the softest resin. It is a lot more easy to scratch and dents away this type of resin as compared to the others which become very hard in the process of being cured.

Polyester and polyurethane- Polyester and polyurethane resins are the kind which cure as hard as glass and have the characteristic of being polished to get high gloss and shine. Unfortunately, this resin is very toxic. While working with these resins one requires to wear respirator mask for safety all the time. 

The polyester resin hardens and cures very quickly not giving much time to work with it. The surface that is exposed to the air while being cured remains sticky. Polyurethane resin is sensitive to moisture and humidity. This sensitivity makes it difficult to add other elements like pigments, Colors, dyes needed to formulate an orgonites.

Some tips and advice to keep in mind while working with resins to making orgonites-

As we already know epoxy is one of the safest resins to work with utmost convenience. Yet it is always advisable to take proper safety precautions while working with it. Epoxy is one of the most eco-friendly resins and it is recommended to use to create orgonites which would be used to make jewellery.

Resin and hardener should be bought together always. The ratio in which they are used is very important. Also, it is important to pay attention and follow the directions given strictly, so as to avoid any mishap.

It is seen that when resins are exposed to sun or UV rays they turn yellow over time. this would not be good when orgonite is formulated. The solution to this problem is that we get crystal clear epoxy resins that help in formulating orgonites to resist the yellowing.

When it comes to making orgonites one needs to remember that there is no best resin. It all depends on what and how you want to create. Resins can experiment in different ways and with experience, you will learn to get the best of it.

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