All You Want To Know About Orgonite: An Ultimate Beginners Guide

All You Want To Know About Orgonite: An Ultimate Beginners Guide

What is Orgonite

Orgonite is a mix of resin, metals, and a quartz crystal used to convert negative energies into positive energies. Orgonite has a positive influence on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. They are used for protection, general wellbeing, and aids healing by creating a balanced and positive environment.


Wilhelm Reich measured energy using a modified Geiger counter and accumulate it. He put it to use for healing and weather manipulation. Reich called it the Orgone Energy.
In 1991 Karl Hans Welz created the first orgonite prototype that was a suspension of powdered metal particles and powdered quartz.
In early 2000 Don Croft used Welz’s formulation with metal shavings, added a piece of quartz crystal and it became clear that orgonite could generate vital energy and convert negative energy into positive energy.
Wilhelm Reich discovered that orgone has a positive and life-nourishing state and harmful and negative state.

How Orgonite Works

Orgonite works on the principle of attracting the etheric energy just like Reich’s accumulators, just by
adding quartz crystal. This crystal is what differentiates orgonite technology from Reich technology.
The quartz is believed to be the main factor contributing to the transformation of negative energies into

Orgonite generates positive orgone and has a lot of positive effects on plants, the environment, animals, and humans.

1. Orgonite gets rid of the harmful elements that are in EMFs, ELFs & Rfs. It gets rid of the negative energy and makes it balanced and healthy orgone energy.
2. It increases energy levels and helps with healing. It influences the body, mind, and spirit and brings peace and joyful moods. When unbalanced, it causes our emotions to become agitated, distressed and causes illnesses.
3. It produces healthy energies and creates a positive environment in its immediate space.
It is helpful for recharging and cleansing crystals.
5. It gives food a better taste and keeps its freshness for a longer time.
6. It improves farming as the simple orgonite-mix can improve your vegetables and fruits growth.
7. Wildlife loves being around orgonite. All birds, fish, and other living creatures depend on positive orgone energy.
8. Orgonite maintains a balance in the weather. If distributed in large quantities, it can bring more rain, normalize weather patterns, reduce light storms. It helps to bring clear blue sky and healthy puffy clouds.

Best places for orgonites

Near your TV, computer, WiFi router, cell phone, other smart appliances that produce DOR.
In the fridge and places where you keep your food.
Near the electricity at your house.
In the bedroom.
In the bathroom.
In the garden for your veggies and fruits to be healthier, taste better, and grow bigger.
In the car.
In the neighbourhood.



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