Amethyst for Supporting Bones and Joints

Amethyst for Supporting Bones and Joints

Amethyst for Supporting Bones and Joints

There is an easily noticeable polarisation of healthy habits in people these days. People either don’t focus on their health at all, getting entangled in bad habits. On the other end, there are people whose life would revolve around their health maintenance regime.

People on one side of the spectrum feel like the other is either unachievable or distraught to be. But maintaining health while not making it your life’s prime priority is not that big of a deal. This lack of attention towards your health can seem harmless daily but can cause some severe damage in the long term.

Bad postures are the biggest reason why most office going people will experience chronic back pain at a very young age. Athletes can get inflammation in their knees and other joints. Injuries of any magnitude and significance can cause bone issues.

These are some of the worse injuries that take forever to heal and cause you a world of pain. Fortunately, there’s a way to not only maintain your orthopedic health but also boost your recovery time when you’re faced with such an unfortunate injury.

This magical method is crystal therapy. Many crystals help you recover from sicknesses and diseases by boosting your immunity, morale, and will power to fight off illnesses. Some crystals give your body the strength to deal with pain and weakness. But for this blog, we’re talking specifically about issues of the bones and the joints.
For such particular issues, we will require a crystal that excels in cell regeneration and supporting bones and joints especially. Such a stone Amethyst, the beautiful purple crystal which is one of the most commonly used crystals of the alternative healing realm.
Amethyst is known for its tremendous multi-dimensional healing powers, including protection and relieving stress, amongst many others. It is dubbed as an “All-Purpose Stone” because of the multiple aspects it targets.
It is a stimulant of the top 2 chakras; the crown and the third eye, and helps people sleep better at night, have better reams, have more control over the dreams, help with lucid dreaming, and raise intuition. But its important property that we need to talk about today is its effect on bones.
Once you get a piece of amethyst for your bedroom, you’ll find relief in bone-related issues like back pain and joint pain. When suffering from injuries, Amethyst helps strengthen your will power and immunity to see you through the injury by subsiding pain and weakness caused by it. 

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