Benefits of an orgone generator that you'll notice immediately

Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, observed a bio energetic force within all living organisms while researching the physical effects of emotion on the body. He named this energy Orgone and developed powerful healing devices from his discovery.

Orgone energy generators are based on the Orgone theory coined by him. In the initial days of discovery of Orgone energy, the first devices of Reich accumulated all the energy in the surrounding, be it positive or negative energies. But, today the modern day Orgone energy generators generate pure energy, by transforming negative energy into positive ones. Hence, they are called “Orgone Generators”. An orgone energy generator or also referred to as an orgone accumulator can be an object which a person may keep along at all times like a piece of jewellery, an object in the home, something worn on themselves and so on.

So, how do Orgone energy generators actually function?

The organic matters in the generator absorb the DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy) and then the inorganic metals work on the polarization.  Once the process of polarization is complete, the inorganic metals send it back into the atmosphere. This process structures the energies into positive ones, which is where the healing power of the orgone energy generator comes into play producing life-force energy.

Development, Research and advanced technology has helped Orgonite Crystals, develop some amazing products like orgone pyramids for homes or offices, orgone obelisks, orgone dodecahedron, orgone necklace and orgonite pendants for personal use.


Here are some of the factors and benefits one witnesses at the very start of making use of an orgone energy product.


The positive energy in an organized room causes the person to get a deeper and much better quality of sleep without restlessness. Orgone energy generators help with sleep disorders and disturbances.

They help to eliminate the feeling of morning fatigue and inertia, causing a boost in energy levels from the start of the day. With the use of orgone energy generators, dreams become more vivid, and there are fewer occurrences of bad dreams.


With all the positive orgone energy being transferred into the atmosphere, there occurs a huge change in an individual's mood in a positive manner. Accelerated and healthier plant growth.

Orgone energy affects every living thing because it is life energy−from humans to animals and even plants. With an Orgone energy generators present, plants tend to bloom in the presence of positive orgone energy. Many experiments have been carried out to ascertain this, and they have been able to successfully prove this.


Orgone energy generators help to facilitate faster healing of wounds. It should be noted that it is not a medicine, so actual visits to the hospital and proper attention and treatments should be given to wounds. However, it aids to promote faster healing after necessary treatments have been carried out.


Just like plants and humans, orgone energy affects animals too. The presence of an Orgone energy generators has positive effects on pets at our homes. It will calm them down and reduce their fussing.


Placing Orgone energy generators in the workplace can spread positive energies in the office and hence create a very positive environment all around. It can reduce the feeling of competition and thus, keep the atmosphere free of stress and negativity.


Thus, an Orgone energy generator can help you and your family from uplifting moods to increasing energy levels, and protecting you from the harmful EMF, there are enormous benefits that one can receive. An orgone energy generator in your energy fields can be one of the easiest ways to stay happy and healthy.

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