Benefits of Using Rose Quartz with Clear Quartz

Benefits of Using Rose Quartz with Clear Quartz

Benefits of Using Rose Quartz with Clear Quartz

The most fascinating thing about the world of healing crystals is the fact that the possibilities are endless. When you dive into this vast world, you’ll learn about so many crystals and their properties, who they are best suited for, what zodiac signs, what elements, what chakras, etc.
But did you know, regardless of how many powers a crystal brings on their own when combined with the right crystal (or crystals) their possibilities are endless? As you must know, most famous crystals are a variety of or belong to the Quartz family. Today we’ll learn what the two most famous quartzes, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz, are capable of when they are combined for greater effect.
Rose Quartz is one of the most loved and used crystals on the planet. Its baby pink color is what makes it instantly pleasing to the eye, and its metaphysical properties are very relevant to what it looks like. The first impression of holding or even looking at a piece of Rose Quartz will tell you that it is all about love.
Rose Quartz
The talisman of universal love, Rose Quartz is the go-to choice for people who are seeking crystal therapy’s help to find a match or a romantic mate. But what many people don’t know is that it is more synonymous with finding love for the self. Your skewed self-perception might be stopping you from achieving so much in life. Rose Quartz will help you take a deep, honest look at yourself, free of judgment. Interestingly, by reinforcing your self-image is how it helps you attract true love in life.
But you know one fantastic way to amplify the effects of Rose Quartz to manifest even more benefits? Yes, spoilers were given out in the first paragraph. By combining it with Clear Quartz! On its own, the head of the Quartz family, Clear Quartz is called the king of crystals because it is the most commonly used crystal in the world.
Clear quartz
Outside the world of crystal healing, it is also used in the electronic industry because of its ability to give off high charge. It is also known as the master healer, stimulates the crown chakra, and is known to amplify the energy of thoughts and the other crystals in its proximity. This brings us to the next and the important point.
When combined with Clear Quartz, the cousin Rose Quartz will notice a dramatic shift in its intensity of making an impact with its metaphysical abilities. The Clear Quartz helps take the love inducing powers of Rose Quartz and use them to heal you emotionally, perfect for people who are looking to find balance in their lives. It also dispels negativity around you and channels it into usable positive energy.

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    turquoise stimulates and harmonizes your throat chakra, helping you bring forth your deepest articulations of wisdom. It provides clarity, allowing one to realize there is no ultimate ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but only love and truth. This allows you to receive other people’s words with less judgment and resistance.

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