Black Onyx: incredibly protective stone

Black Onyx: incredibly protective stone

Black Onyx: Incredibly Protective Stone

This stone is revered to be a powerful crystal for protection. Black Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy. Black Onyx aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina and supports you in times of confusion and stress.
This crystal helps empower the soul that has been kept within and it frees it from the darkness. This stone relieves even the deepest and darkest of fears and calms your mind in every way.
Black Onyx stone
The word “Onyx” means 'claw' or ‘fingernail’ because it resembles a human fingernail. According to the legend, the onyx stone was honored by the Goddess Venus when her nails were cut by Cupid while she was sleeping.
The clipped nail fell into the Indus River and sank which evolved into an Onyx stone. This stone has a grounding effect that anchors the physical body to the earth and brings harmony to the mind and the body as it dispels the stress.
Black Onyx is a negativity shield reflecting against negativity from other people, from a relationship, from negativity felt at work and from experiences within the daily environment.
This stone is useful to release negative emotions and feelings within a person. It helps you to let go of old memories, feelings and attachments. Black Onyx also sharpens your senses and clears away the mental fog and amplifies intuition for clarity and decision making.
One can even use this stone to awaken their potential and boost charisma which helps to build strong professional relationships. It increases intuition and helps in achieving good results and promises a winning match. This is a wonderful stone for meditation and dreaming as well. Wearing this stone daily will channel inner energies into energetic forces for manifesting your life.

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