BLACK TOURMALINE the electric stone amongst the crystals

Orgone is the creative natural energy which is also known as prana, aether, etc. This energy is always present in our surroundings but sometimes it is in neutral form, sometimes in positive (POR=positive energy) or mostly in negative (DOR = deadly energy) form.

The ‘electric stone’ from the crystal family – the black tourmaline. A stone very strong in mineral contents of iron and manganese. Presence of these minerals help give black tourmaline the properties it poses naturally –the charging and magnetic properties. 

Grounding is an important part of this crystal and not being properly grounded the human body feels low of energy, dull and even lost in their own thoughts.

Black Tourmaline is best worn on the body in the form of jewellery. By wearing black tourmaline it is like putting a cloak on or carrying a shield as it will always be there, forming a guard against unwanted energies and emotional attacks. Having a Black Tourmaline Bracelet is one of the most effective ways to drape this cape around your shoulders as using crystal bracelet for direct skin contact ensures that your body is able to effectively soak up and transmute those healing vibrations.

When we refer to what various forms is black tourmaline used in today’s industry, we at ORGONITE CRYSTALS have come-up with designing so many wonderful crystal designs such as the orgonite bracelets, orgonite pendants, orgonite pyramids, orgonite obelisk, orgonite dodecahedron for general everyday usage products which cater to so many ways of dealing with negative radiations.


Black Tourmaline benefits are as listed below:

  1. The crystal can help in detoxing your body 
  2. Reduces emotional illness such as depression and anxiety
  3. Tourmaline may help boost circulation 
  4. When aligned with your base chakra, black tourmaline is said to ground your energy and increase your physical vitality and help remove stress.
  5. It is a Stress Buster Bracelet Is used as it helps mentally heal and help turn negative thoughts you might have and let you think more positively
  6. Some suggest it can help eliminate poison, heavy metals and carcinogenic materials from our body
  7. It is said to be a health bracelet as it helps support the kidneys and liver


This crystal has a lot of popularity in our platform and we say this with experience. People love having this crystal in various different forms available on the platform such as black merkaba, orgonite dodecahedron, orgonite pendants, orgonite pyramids and orgonite obelisk. Shop for them only at ORGONITE CRYSTALS.

We have a wide variety of Orgone pyramid products and Orgonite dodecahedron products

We have other products like 

Orgone Obelisk

Orgonite Necklace

Orgonite pendant

chakra crystal pendant

Orgone Energy Generator 

A simple way to carry your orgonite to wherever you go is by carrying the below mentioned Orgonite products all the time. 

Orgone obelisk and Orgone Energy Generator is an amazing choice to carry for office. 

While Orgonite NecklaceOrgonite Pendantchakra crystal pendant are a beautiful way to wear them

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