When one thinks about home, they think less about the things in it, and more about the feeling it gives them. With such a focus on how a home looks, it’s easy to forget about designing for how a home feels.

Many people may not even realize that this is a factor they can change - this is where healing crystals for the house comes into play as the energy of the house can shift over time.  It has a lot to do with the energy that has been expelled in a space, and not cleared away. Arguments, stress, exercise, parties, deaths, grief -all aspects of life that leave behind energy in the house. In matching the crystal to the room, you can amplify the energies you need most in that particular space. When you start assigning your crystals their jobs around the house, the living room becomes full of life, the bedroom beams with love and relaxation and the whole space takes on a protective aura. So with that in mind, what crystals for your home are the best to not only cleanse bad vibes, but lift them up to create a high-vibe crystal heaven?

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Have a look at the following crystals for good vibes for your homes:


Do you want to protect your home from evil energies? Tiger eye is what you need. A crystal for boosting alertness and focus, tiger eye also builds a cover of protection around your house. Use it to protect yourself from bad neighbors. If you want to create a ring of protection around the house, hang a tiger’s eye at every entrance then.  


This crystal can clean other crystals and itself. It has purifying energies that connect with the higher realm using powers of crown chakra and third eye chakra. Clear quartz crystals can absorb all the evil energy in your apartment and eject it out.


The door is where energy most frequently enters one’s space. Instead of dragging outside energy into the home, set up an energy protection shield. Place a piece of black tourmaline by the front door of the house. Connecting with this when one comes home helps it to disconnect with any negative energy collected before bringing it into the space. So placing a black tourmaline at every entrance is like an energy alarm system—it scares away the bad vibes!  


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