Chrysocolla: Heal a broken heart

Chrysocolla: Heal a broken heart

Chrysocolla is a stone made of hydrated copper silicate. It belongs to the silicate class of minerals this mineral is amorphous by nature this means that it does not have any crystalline structures. Chrysocolla is formed when silicates oxidize with copper ores.

Chrysocolla and the chakras

  • Chrysocolla has magical and healing properties that help the chakras to align with divinity.
  • It helps to eradicate negative feelings of guilt and self-destruction if placed on the solar plexus chakra.
  • The heart chakra is healed by a chrysocolla stone. It helps to multiply love for yourself and others.
  • If placed on the throat chakra it helps to improve communication skills and also teaches us when remaining silent.

Chrysocolla to heal your heart and feelings-

If you have been advised to use this stone you should know the benefits of chrysocolla. Which stone has healing properties which help to bring light and love in your life it helps a person to be expressive about their feelings motivates creativity and in spice flexibility towards the outlook of life?

Chrysocolla multiplies to brings understanding the importance of emotional balance. It has soothing and gentle energies that help to heal and flush away the emotional blockage. It also helps to heal sadness, depression and mental illness.

It is of great help if a person is suffering from heartbreak. The stone has an ability to diminish anguish and anger they start holding against relationships and help to make peace with what has passed and be flexible and patient for the future.

Once you are wearing the chrysocolla stone or is placed near you while meditating, it sends peaceful and tranquil vibrations which help you to communicate your subdued feelings in a more effective way to others. This communication is enhanced by leaving an impact on others. The stone eliminates all negative vibrations and energies and helps a person to adjust to a given situation constantly. It also allows a person to be flexible and to change to suit given circumstances in life. Personal and professional relationships which may be unstable are also stabilized with the help of chrysocolla stone. Interactions on a personal and professional front highly increase with its properties.

Your ambitions and dreams are enhanced in a positive way. The chrysocolla stone gives you the knowledge and positive thought process to pursue your dreams. It also works to remove nervousness, laziness, and irritability from you.

Chrysocolla has such properties that help you to value your own experience, knowledge and help you contribute positivity in your own life. It helps to do away with fears you may be facing socially. physically and emotionally. It helps you to release negative patterns of fakeness, sarcasm, and criticism. It brings confidence in you where you can communicate boldly which helps you to release the fears you are dealing with.

Chrysocolla is the stone to go for when it comes to healing yourself emotionally. Heartbreak, low confidence, fear all are dealt with by a single stone- Chrysocolla

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