Crystal Healing Becoming A Mainstream Technique

Crystal Healing Becoming A Mainstream Technique

Crystal healing is an energy healing technique like many others and actually uses the foundations of many different techniques improved and incorporated into one.

The meaning of Crystal healing is directly related to massage, meditation, the regression of past lives, aura cleansing, the restructuring and healing of energy bodies are part of what crystal healing has to offer.

What is the meaning of Crystal healing?

Crystal healing is a branch of non-conventional medicine. This type of therapy uses the virtues and energetic forces of stones and minerals to help patients restore the balance of the body.

This non-intrusive procedure influences both the physical and the psychological plane of the individual, using mainly semiprecious stones.

These are placed in different energy points in the body, called chakras, or they can also be used as pendants

The Origin of Crystal healing

There are quite a few examples of crystals and minerals that are being used in healing therapies by many different cultures around the world, and even the Bible is full of references to therapeutic crystals.

So far, we have found records that point out the therapy with crystals from ancient Egypt, in the registers of traditional medicine of India and also in traditional Chinese medicine about five thousand years ago, all of them have described healing properties of crystals and minerals

References have also been found to the use of crystals and minerals in American shamanic work and that are also used by Sangomas in Africa.

General view

There are several ways in which crystals can be used during treatment.

  • Jewellery
  • Healing sets or individual crystals carried on your person for continuous and daily assistance or during a time of need.
  • Stone placement 'during an energy reconstruction of the aura and the chakras
  • Crystals placed in their environment to improve their living and working space
  • Transmission and amplification of remote healing

Crystal healing is not Magical

Regardless of how you choose to use your crystals, it is important to remember that the stone itself will not cure you by magic simply because you have bought the most beautiful, lightest, most expensive, etc. of all.

No, the intention and skill with which it is used are crucial and variations of intentions have various effects on crystals and their ability to transmit beneficial energy.

Considerations for the practice of Crystal healing

Although some crystals work automatically, many need to be cleaned and healed in their handling and extraction process before they can be used to their full potential.

How does crystal healing?

Gems and crystals have properties that act on our senses because they are composed of minerals that are identical to the minerals in our body. Scientists have shown that crystals and minerals exist in our bodies.

It acts by the colours emitted, coloured vibratory waves. The energy of colour has a strong action on our senses and on physiological functions.

It acts by chemical reactions in its enzymes: the gems in contact with the skin transmit their properties through enzymatic reactions.

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