Crystal Healing To Cope Up With Your Depression

Crystal Healing To Cope Up With Your Depression

When you start feeling lonely and helpless in life or when you start getting angry on even the smallest of things, then it is a sign that you are facing depression.
While professional and medical help is necessary in severe depression cases, you can take help from the wonderful healing crystals to help you get over this sad state of mind.
Whatever method you choose to deal with depression, these energy crystals will enhance and amplify their effect and speed up the recovery process.
Following is a list of four such healing crystals to help you cope up with your depression



Natural citrine is very effective against depression. It helps to absorb negative energy and brings positive energy into your aura.
Citrine also helps to develop a positive mindset and helps you to let go of depressing emotions.
The bright energy of the sun stored inside citrine wards off the darkness in your mind and uplifts your mood so that you start feeling refreshed and energetic.



This healing stone is good to use when you feel like you have been isolated from the important bonds in your life.
The aventurine is a crystal of compassion that gives you energy to better understand what you are going through so that you can love more unconditionally.
This energy crystal helps you to shed light on the causes that lead to this kind of depression and helps you to rectify them.

 Rose Quartz

rose quartz

There is no crystal better than this one to overcome the feeling of anxiety, anger, tiredness, loneliness or depression.
Called as the ‘stone of love’, Rose Quartz has properties that stimulate your heart chakra and open it up to allow the flow of compassionate energies inside it from the surroundings.
This love stone reminds you to be gentle to yourself and develop self-love. Rose Quartz is good for stress management too and helps you to live a calm and composed life.



This master healer is an ideal healing stone while dealing with depression. Amethyst transmutes the negative thoughts in your mind into positive ones and removes all the toxic elements from your system.
This energy stone heals on a deep level and clears the heart chakra of negative entities that tend to harm you.
Amethyst is a good choice for people suffering from depression and loneliness as it instills confidence inside you and brings in an optimistic approach to your life.
Depression is not an easy thing to deal with, whether you suffer from it yourself or have a friend or loved one that is currently battling this illness.
The healing crystals mentioned above are one of the easiest and basic ways to deal with depression as they will uplift you internally and will create a positive atmosphere around you.

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