Crystal Pyramids: The How, What and Why?

Crystal Pyramids: The How, What and Why?

Crystal Pyramids: The How, What and Why?

Crystals and pyramids are two things of ancient relevance that mean so much in various cultures. Pyramids represent the point of contact between the powers of the Earth and the Sky. It’s a symbol that embodies the spiritual center of the human psyche.
Pyramids are a part of an ancient communication through generations of divine connection, portrayed by geometry. When pyramids of crystals are made, they have so much holistic meaning and significance. They work to detox their environment and induce a positively energized aura in their surroundings.
Pyramids are known for preserving energy as their main healing property. Egyptian pyramids are the oldest most famous pyramid structures in the world, meant for preserving the mummies of pharaohs, and as it is evident, because of the energy preservation properties of the pyramid shape, those corpses did last longer.
Crystal pyramids are made by placing crystals of your choice in a mold, layering and shaping them with clear materials like epoxy resin. Most people, depending on their personal preferences, like to add various stones, customized for their needs.
Crystal pyramids made from different gemstones provide different aids. These materials include crystals like rose quartz, amethyst, Aventurine, moss agate, carnelian, etc. depending on the individual’s needs.
Holding a pyramid is an intense feeling that has healing properties of its own. It’s an experience full of joy owing to the vortex of energy created by the shape, combined with the stones present.
The energy vortex touches your hand and spreads down through your body, and creates a magnetic aura that feels exhilarating. Many people have reported feeling a state of trance and higher understanding just by holding a crystal pyramid.
These experiences are so individualistic, that most people may feel this documented state of trance, yet many wouldn’t feel anything at all.Some common uses of Crystal Pyramids are as follows:

Healing energy for aura and the 7 chakras

Customizing pyramids for intentions of love, money, healing, etc.

Focus object for doing yoga

Meditation aid for spiritual vibrations

Kept in bedrooms to preserve youth and beauty

To make elixirs for drinking, to preserve physical health

Placed in the fridge to energize and preserve food

These common uses indicate why the mystic powers of the pyramid shape combined with crystals can prove to be the healing combination everyone should try.

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