One area where crystals have become all the rage is skincare. There are many beauty products on the market that are infused with crystals. Some spas also offer crystal facial treatments. There is no scientific evidence to prove the effects crystals have on the skin; crystal healing has been incorporated into beauty regimes for thousands of years. It feels utterly luxurious to use crystals in the skincare routine.

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If one is looking for a more holistic approach to skincare and wants to give crystals a try, here’s four stones that will help improve your skin and some expert tips on how to use them.


This crystal is a master healer; it is highly prized for its good-luck-charm and health properties. It has been associated with balance, wisdom, serenity, positive thinking, and love. It dissipates negative energy, aligns all the chakras, relieves anxiety, and promotes tissue growth. Due to its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps reduce acne breakouts, soothes sore throats, clears the lungs, and eases joint pain.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is a crystal all needed as it is an amplifier making it a powerful stone that can help gain clarity, achieve focus, and manifest desires. It can amplify the effectiveness of the existing beauty routine too. “It’s also used for reducing fine lines and wrinkles” and can also aid in improving skin conditions.


This crystal is best known for its cleansing and detoxifying effects. It’s a favorite choice for many healers and can help relieve breathing disorders, depression, mental conditions, and hyperactivity. Amethyst also aids in the treatment of skin infection. Its name derives from ametusthos, a Greek word that means “not intoxicated.” This crystal fights bacteria, reduces toxic load in the body, promotes positive thinking, and supports cellular regeneration.


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