If you are having trouble focusing, completing tasks, or staying in the present moment, it may be time to get grounded.


 Some symptoms you come across if you encounter a combination of at least three or more of the following experiences, you may really benefit from grounding.

  •   Feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or having headaches
  •   Over thinking on agendas and things. Simply causing unnecessary stress to yourself.
  •   You keep thinking about what can be done about your past and what needs to be done about your coming future, you don’t actually live contended in the present.
  •   Not able to connect to wavelength of others around you. Feeling out of order and out place with people around.
  •   Feeling more tapped into the collective consciousness than into your own personal identity and life experience
  •   A state of confusion and unsurety which keeps attracting negative energies.
  •   Too engrossed in your electronic gadgets. This is equally bad for your eyes, causing enormous strain.
  •   Unable to carry on a normal conversation or losing track of what you are saying, getting stuck in conversations
  •   Feeling spaced out or having trouble focusing
  •   Experiencing poor sleep, chronic pain, anxiety or symptoms of fatigue


Here are some of the crystals that can be used for grounding:


Black Tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone, electrical in nature, providing a connection between earth and the human spirit.

Black tourmaline is known as the empathy’s stone for its ability to protect one’s energy. Black Tourmaline releases fear bringing you into the present moment.

It promotes self-confidence, more focused thinking pattern of thoughts.

It protects against EMFs and connects you to your root chakra helping you to feel safe in this reality.

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Red Jasper has a gentle grounding vibration with earth energy. A person who is very sensitive to subtle energies and for whom other crystals may be strong as a grounding stone, Red Jasper is a perfect crystal.

It is delicately grounding and protective of the subtle energy bodies and does not make you feel weighed down.

It is a stone that is balancing and is said to help one recall their dreams.

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