Crystals help attract love

Whether you’re a single woman looking for love or married and looking to keep things hot, it never hurts to have some extra luck in your pocket, on your wrist, or in the corner of your bedroom.

All crystals have differing types of positive energy. Our orgonite crystals are basically expressions of chemical energy, rather than having energy. We say, they ARE the energy.

Crystals are the natural orgone energy generators from Mother Nature, an entity what the earth has provided to mankind. Each natural crystal has an identity and energy unique to it. The same way that the energy within crystals can be transferred to our chakras to heal ailments and pains, energies of certain crystals can be used to attract things in the universe — things like love, success and wealth.

There are many crystals that are known to attract love. The most common and popular one is the very popular rose quartz.

Known to be orgonite crystals, a very popular crystal chosen in terms of requirements related to love, maintaining a lovely relation and for attracting love. Orgonite Crystals understand this requirement and thus have developed a very special orgonite pendant in the form of rose quartz with the combination of Amethyst crystal.


Considered as an ‘all purpose’ crystal. Carrying the feminine energy of compassion and peace, rose quartz is the most popular and mainstream of the quartz family. Traditionally called the Heart Stone, it’s been used as a love token since as early as 600 B.C.

A gentle and nurturing stone, this is the one you want if you are looking for unconditional love in multiple aspects of your life. Wear it in the form of a pendant such as the orgonite pendant and it activates the heart chakra and promotes self-love that radiates and helps attract outward love. It is a great stone for beginning romances and navigating the complex feelings of the many different types of love.

Rose quartz promotes romantic love as well as self-love and acceptance. For usage in the homes, the best way to use this stone is to place a piece of a rose quartz into the four corners or your room and attract love.

Orgonite crystal has options such as orgonite pendant, orgonite necklaces for your rose quartz crystals.

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