Crystals to help you against depression

When feelings of helplessness, abandonment, irritability, and worthlessness turn into a loss of interest in activities, friends, family, and life in general, you may be experiencing or dealing with depression.

While professional or medical help is important in severe depression cases, employing the help of crystals can also be very beneficial when dealing with thoughts, emotions, and situations associated with depression. Depression isn’t something new, everybody has undergone this phase maybe for a short term, long term or is still undergoing it. Some people end up fighting with it more than others.

The feeling of being let down, depression fills you with anxiety and desperation. Crystals certainly help in many ways to come out if this low within yourself. Any healthy and holistic approach can be enhanced and amplified with the help of crystals and their healing energies. Crystals have healing properties that are transmitters and magnifiers of energy. They absorb negative energies that are affecting your quality of life.


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Carnelian is a wonderful crystal for depression. Not only is it a fantastic color, but it’s also a very powerful crystal as well.

Carnelian can clear any negative energy present in your body, heart, mind, and aura. It’s also a crystal that helps you overcome all kinds of abuse strongly and safely. It strengthens you so that you will trust in yourself more and in your views of life and the world.

Carnelian stabilizes your emotions and increases your motivation.

Your ability to concentrate is also bolstered by the healing energies of this crystal, reducing your mind’s tendency to daydream, wander, or stray.

This crystal is helpful for anyone who is trapped in an abusive situation because it bolsters your faith in your own judgment and perceptions.

Eating disorders can also be curbed when you regularly use Carnelian crystals. It stimulates your appetite, your gregariousness, and your healthy emotions.

Carnelian also improves your drive and motivation, helping you forge a more effective path to success and fulfillment in both your career and personal life.


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