A crystal is a mineral in its most stable form. Crystals help heal, bring good health and greater happiness. There are a variety of crystals, each with their own healing properties – some are suited for prosperity, others are better for love, harmony and protection. They can be used for self-healing like carrying the crystals with you in a pocket or jewelleries, or place them on your body while lying on. Crystal is helpful for healing emotions and thoughts.

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Have a look at the crystals made use when it comes to boosting one’s mood, when they are low and depressed or worried.


Known as the ‘all-purpose stone’, it is available in various shades of violet, lilac and occasionally vibrant purple. This crystal resonates with the third eye chakra, to divine consciousness and a higher intuition. The amethyst can provide clarity when experiencing confusion and can help relieve stress and anxiety. Known as the ‘traveler’s stone’, the amethyst helps with protection one when travelling. It is also believed to help with insomnia, mood and immunity.

Rose quartz

This crystal is soothing and calming. Rose quartz is a pink stone which symbolises love and helps open one’s heart to giving and receiving compassion. It can encourage forgiveness in others and oneself. Keep rose quartz in the house or workplace for a peaceful atmosphere. It is the best stone for emotional trauma and relationship troubles. One can wear it around the neck or hold it when going through emotional troubles; its calming effect is thought to bring peace and tranquility.


Aventurine can help one overcome feelings of self-doubt and feel more optimistic, like rose quartz, it's thought to open the energy of the heart. The next time one’s feeling angry or frustrated, keeping the aventurine in the hand by taking a deep breath helps calm down.


This gold-hued crystal is one of the most common and most beloved. It absorbs negative energy and emotions, great for giving a little boost of optimism and helping. It is loved for its beauty and healing properties in particular by those who wish for more prosperity in their lives.


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