Crystals To Overcome Your Addictions

Crystals To Overcome Your Addictions

Human nature is difficult to understand sometimes.
Most of the people in this world are addicted to certain things like alcohol, cigarette, drugs, etc.
Many of them are aware that their addictions are harmful to their health still they keep on doing those things which leads to disastrous consequences in the future.
It is hard to quit a habit which you have for many years, but it is not impossible at all.
One only needs to make up his mind and have a determined and optimistic approach while quitting any addiction.
If you find it difficult to do it on your own, then you can surely take help from the healing crystals.
These crystals are known to strengthen your mind and help you take the necessary steps required to complete your goal.
The healing vibrations of these crystals cleanse your mind of all the negative thoughts that tend to pull you down in life.
Many of these crystals have been used by our ancestors as well to get away from the addictions.

Just identify the correct crystal that suits you from the list given below and use it to get over your addictions and set the base of a new and healthy life.



Addictions tend to make you intoxicated or drain you of your energy.
This crystal is said to make its user energized and revitalized.
Carnelian has bright energy of the sun stored inside it which helps to remove every bit of negativity from the user and makes him energetic once again.
This is a stone of protection that reminds you to enjoy every aspect of your life and leave behind the things that are harmful to you.



The word ‘amethyst’ actually translates to ‘not intoxicated’ in Greek and which is why this stone was widely used by the ancient Greeks. The glasses for drinking alcohol were made using this stone as those people believed they would not get intoxicated after drinking from such glasses.
This is the best crystal for people who are addicted to alcohol because it bestows wisdom, removes negativity and protects them from outside influences.
Amethyst also helps to cleanse and recharge the body, mind, and spirit.

Clear quartz

clear quartz

People often get addicted to harmful things because they have a lot going on in their life and they require something which offers them emotional relief from such circumstances.
Though the relief is temporary, people get used to it.
Their mind is severely crowded with negative thoughts and needs urgent attention, which is where clear quartz comes in the picture.
This stone is capable of offering clarity to one’s mind and removes all unproductive and toxic thoughts from his mind.
Mental clarity is very necessary to overcome addictions and clear quartz is the stone that is capable of doing this task.



This crystal emits a soothing aura that helps you to relax and let go of stress.
Addictions are often caused by underlying trauma or your inability to deal with stress.
Celestite helps to remove these causes by offering you emotional balance and tranquility.
This crystal tells you to remain calm even during chaotic circumstances and release stress from your mind and body rather than holding on to it.
Celestite also promotes communication and helps you to open up in front of your friends and family.
This helps you to share things with them that trouble you.
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