Marriage is a bond that brings two people together for a lifetime. They commit unconditional love and pledge to keep their bond strong for years to come. But what if somebody experiences troubles in their marriage? Can there be a natural solution to this?

When we come up to a relationship, we bring there our own physiological baggage, with all the battles, hurts, boundaries, and blocks that we built up over all our lives. It’s actually a unique starting point to grow, reveal the best version of oneself and the capacity to be a loving person. It’s never too late to work on oneself or develop one's perspectives in any kind of relationship.

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Let’s have a look at some crystals well known in this solution…


Green Jade is one of the precious and powerful gemstones. The stone is considered to be ideal for couples. It strengthens the bond between two hearts and unites them forever. The green jade gemstone is known as “dream stone”, keeping it in the home will ensure that all the dreams are fulfilled. The stone fills the married couple’s life with abundant knowledge, intelligence and good luck. This helps the couple to get rid of negative thoughts. It helps them to strike a rapport and stabilizes personality also makes the couples emotionally strong.


The beautiful purple stone is known as heart stone. It is one of the perfect stones for couples. The Amethyst gemstone develops a deep understanding between them. If they have parted ways because of some difference but still can come together if any of them wear Amethyst gemstones. It helps them to stay away from egos. The stone always helps couples to walk on the noble path of humanity and religion.


Rose Quartz is considered the crystal of unconditional Love. It challenges one to seek peace, beauty, art, music, written word and most of all love.

To experience the flowering of love in life, one must first love themselves. Rose Quartz gently penetrates into the inner chambers of the heart chakra and where it witnesses trauma, it empathises, understands and promotes the heart’s ability to give and receive love. By placing rose quartz in the heart of the home it allows for love and kindness to flow freely drawing children and adults alike.


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