Do We Hear Wedding Bells? 5 Best Crystals For A Blissful Wedding

Do We Hear Wedding Bells? 5 Best Crystals For A Blissful Wedding

Marriage is one of the most pristine and happiest moments in an individual’s life.
This holy bond of matrimony binds the couple into an eternal connection that makes them care for other each other and be with each other in the ups and downs of life.
There are crystals that help to strengthen this bond between the couple right from the start.
Right from the moment the wedding is decided, there are things which need to fall in place at the right time to ensure a blissful and cheerful atmosphere.
These crystals help to maintain such kind of an atmosphere by promoting soothing vibes in the couple as well as their surroundings.

Five such crystals and their benefits are listed below in detail.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

The celebrations of eternal love are the most stressful things to plan and which is why you need to stay calm and composed during them.
The gentle vibrations of rose quartz instill a sense of compassion and optimism inside all people which helps them to stay focused on the planning and make it blissful.
This crystal is ideal to be carried when you go for meetings with your wedding planners as it will help to facilitate gentle communication between the two parties and will make the entire process smooth and easy.



The fiery energy of this crystal offers you the energy required to make successful planning.
Pyrite, also known as fool’s gold, offers the necessary boost for you to get up and start getting the things done on time.
It removes every bit of stress from your mind and you start feeling more calm and composed.
Just keep this crystal with you whenever you are planning for something which seems very difficult to manage
Doing this will strengthen your mind and will make you optimistic about getting it done.



Couple who are engaged with each other often feels very fatigued, mentally as well as emotionally because of the upcoming D-day and the arrangements surrounding it.
Citrine is filled with the bright energy of the sun that burns every bit of negativity from your mind and revitalizes your mind and body so that you feel confident during the whole planning process.
If you are having trouble trusting your instinct and harnessing your power, then this is the stone for you.



This stone is called the master healer for a reason.
Amethyst not only facilitates a free flow of positive energy inside your body but also helps you to get rid of the negative elements surrounding it.
The purple hue of this stone is connected to divinity, inner clarity and an overall sense of connectedness to the higher power.
This is a great crystal to help you feel relaxed and soothe anxiety.

Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz

This is one of the fiercest healing stones and crystals available which serves as a strong deterrent to negativity.
This includes the inner as well as outer negativity which comes from the surroundings.
Smoky quartz also offers much-needed clarity and calmness in difficult situations.
This stone is also helpful in dealing with inter-personal flare-ups and helps you to trust yourself.
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