Does the Shape of a Crystal Matter?

Does the Shape of a Crystal Matter?

Does the Shape of a Crystal Matter?

Crystals present a kind of variety that can get a newbie's head spinning. They come in about 200 varieties with different colors, various physical properties, and even textures. There are crystal families who have types amongst themselves even.
They have metaphysical abilities to benefit from better sleep, more positivity, added protection, abundance, etc. The colors of the crystals are essential for their supernatural powers. These colors correlate with what chakras they stimulate, what element they represent, and their aesthetic value. Similarly, the shape of a crystal also matters a big deal.
The crystalline structure of a crystal doesn't change its energy. The type of life remains the same. However, the way the power is received can be altered by what shape the crystal is cut into.

The form of a crystal can amplify the intention you set for yourself from the crystal. Choosing a crystal shape can change how you receive your crystal's energy, and it can majorly alter the transformation you feel.

Here are a few examples of crystal shapes and what they are best used for.


Cube Crystal
Cubically cut crystals are the best for grounding your energy. Meditating with a cubic crystal, preferably a crystal which relates to the Earth element will help you grounding energy tremendously. Placing a cube in each room will add extra protection to the room.


Pyramid Crystal
Pyramids have historical significance, and are known for their powers of preservation. Their strong base works as an anchor for the intentions that you place on your crystal. It makes an energy vortex that can prolong the preservation of things. They are best used placed over vegetables to preserve them for longer periods.


Spheres Crystal
They are a good reminder to keep people in the present moment and feel like they’re a part of a greater whole. It creates this sensation of feeling connected to the universe and your immediate surroundings. Crystal balls are great meditation buddies and give off positive Zen vibes.

Tumbled Stones

Tumbles stones means polished small chips of bigger stones, which can be your perfect introduction to the crystal healing world. They are small, and their energy is very manageable considering the lesser experience of someone who is just starting out.

Crystal Points

Crystal points make wonderful necklaces and can allow the crystal healing to be carried with you at all times, while also looking fashionable. They can also act like crystal wands for rituals.


Heart Crystal
Crystal hearts are fabulous for attracting love and keeping it. When you find heart-shaped crystals especially of stone that stimulate the heart chakra, your attraction to love increases. It also helps you increase self-love and appreciation.

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