Dream Big With Danburite Crystals

Dream Big With Danburite Crystals

This energy crystal was first discovered in 1839, in the city of Danbury in Connecticut, from where it derives its name. This crystal is found mainly in North America, with the Connecticut deposit being the most significant.
Danburite is a crystal that can be used as a substitute for diamonds. It might be not a very cheap crystal but it is certainly not as expensive as the diamond.
Danburite is used to facilitate a link between your mind, heart, and spirit. Not only does this energy stone encourage self-love but also self-acceptance and spiritual enlightenment.
This is one of the gemstones with the highest vibrations and hence proves to be an extremely useful stone. Danburite stone is known for its spiritual healing properties, thus it is a wonderful stone if you are experiencing a crisis of faith.
The high vibrational frequency of this stone travels through time and space and can aid in distance healing. You can this crystal for seeking guidance with your spirit guides.
This healing crystal connects one with the action needed to manifest abundance, by guiding you successfully set and achieve your goals. Resonating with the vibrational frequencies of Danburite stimulates your awareness by enhancing intuition and psychic abilities.
Meditating and sleeping with this crystal facilitates accessing higher realms, aiding in astral projection and lucid dreaming. Danburite is a tool for lucid dreaming, remembering one’s dreams and dream interpretation.
Sleeping with this energy crystal opens channels to higher realms, accessing guidance and knowledge through one’s dreams.
Danburite can be used in the same way as you would use a diamond. For clarity, meditate with this crystal to find answers to the problems that bother you.
If you already know what to do but need the danburite’s strength to help you achieve it, wear this crystal on you for the best results.

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