Effects Of Orgone Accumulator

January 02, 2019

Effects Of Orgone Accumulator

In all the previous blogs we have spoken about Orgone energy, Orgonites, Orgonite pyramid  and so on. In this blog let us know about Orgone accumulator and its effects.

As we all are aware that it was Dr. Wilhelm Reich who propounded the theory of Orgone energy. Orgone energy is the life-force energy that is the basic building block of everything on earth. It is known by different names in various cultures like prana, chi, ki etc. Back in the 20Th Century, Dr. Reich found out about Orgone energy and also its healing powers. He believed that Orgone energy had the ability to physical and mental benefits to us.

Orgone Accumulator & its Effects-

Reich developed a box called an Orgone accumulator/generator. This box was made to trap and radiate the Orgone energy into a concentrated area. The box consisted of an organic material lining outside the wall and metallic material lining on the inner walls (The principle of organic and inorganic materials is also followed while making Orgone devices). According to Reich’s theory Orgone is drawn into the organic material outside the box and then with the help of metallic inner lining it could be radiated into the box. This is how Orgone energy would accumulate in the box. The Orgone energy accumulated by the inner wall is attracted to the opposite metal wall which repels it. Thus creating an oscillation of Orgone energy particles within the box.

Reich believed that when a person uses the Orgone generator, the energy field of the user and that of the device come into contact and excite each other. Thus the 2 fields laminate and create a stronger charge. Because human body has higher energy charge, it absorbs all the energy from the accumulator and it penetrates into each part of the body. The absorption of similar kind of energy into the body reduces the contractive state and promotes natural pulsation.

Some of the effects of the Orgone Accumulator/Generator are as follows-

  • It improves the blood flow to tissues and other organs, thus enabling them to function better. This happens because of the restoration of parasympathetic response.
  • It helps the body to resist damage and recover faster from injuries.
  • Promotes cellular growth
  • Eases tension and pain
  • Assists digestion
  • Helps in improving the impaired appetite
  • Imparts a sense of emotional well-being
  • Increases the flow of concentrated Orgone energy into the body.

Thus, with the help of Orgoneenergy from the accumulator, a person feels better physically, mentally and emotionally as well.



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