EMF radiations how we can reduce the radiations

Modern day society leaves us susceptible to electromagnetic frequencies from many everyday used devices, which emit out these radiations. Devices such as computers, TV's, cell phones, microwaves are the major factors that radiate these emf radiations which we are actually causing these problems. To counter these harmful radiations nowadays, crystals are being used to help protect humans.

Crystals have been venerated as powerful protectors since ancient times. It is being believed to have great healing properties which were put to use from back then.

Why are emfs a health hazard?

The human race is enveloped in constant, man-made electromagnetic smog. EMFs adversely affect the sensitive people, because they raise background oscillation frequencies beyond what some humans can handle.

Evidence is limited on the effects of RF radiation from cell towers, cell phones, computers, smart meters, televisions, automobiles and the atmosphere. However, when the energy becomes concentrated, health problems can occur and effects are very injurious. 

Trying to reduce the radiation frequency levels by crystals

Orgonite Crystals can be worn on the body (in the form of Orgonite Pendant, Orgonite Necklace, chakra crystal pendant), be kept in your presence (in the form of orgone obelisk, orgone dodecahedron) or even placed at home (in the form of orgone pyramid products).

Orgonite crystals subtly neutralize a device’s EMF effects but don’t directly affect the actual device. What’s more important is to locate the cause of the problem and lessen exposure. A common scenario where we see women tucking cell phones in their tops, men keeping them in their pockets and when you make a call, you hold the phone up to your ear—and brain. The problem is that man-made EMFs are believed to disrupt the natural human electromagnetic field and interfere with normal physiological processes in the body. The energetic field from devices is so strong it’s like having a 400-pound gorilla in the room. One would want to get rid of that thing but cannot forgo the man-made electronic devices. The need of the electronic devices has overruled the idea of the damage it is causing everyday and every minute.

The ideal usage of our basic electronic devices is by keeping cell phones and wi-fi routers as far away from you as possible. Use cell phones on speaker, or put it on airplane mode when not needed. Use a corded landline as your main phone and Ethernet cable for your computer as the first preference.

Shielding crystals act as a cage for EMFs, surrounding the outer edge of your bio-energetic field with a protective coating.

Crystal like black tourmaline and shungite, crystals that transmute toxic energies into beneficial ones are amazonite and rose quartz, which should be placed between you and a source of electromagnetic pollution.

Especially helpful in areas affected by power lines and other electrical equipment are amethyst, zeolite and tourmaline—crystals which can be worn to create negative (beneficial) ions from moisture in the air, which can assist the body in repairing cellular damage.

Concluding Note

Believing is good that crystals can aid in healing radiations from the human body. It helps reduce such radiations around you and inside of your body.

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