Enhance your Intuitive skills with healing crystals

Enhance your Intuitive skills with healing crystals

When all doors are closed and you are not able to make a strong decision, you often tend to trust your intuition skills.
You feel like there is some strange calling that is asking you to make a particular decision, which mostly turns out to be the right one.
Having intuitive skills is not something very extraordinary because everyone has them.
It just matters whether the person has the guts to trust in his intuitive skills.
If one is too scared to trust in his intuition, then he needs to resort to the healing power of crystals.
You can use these healing stones to deepen your intuition.

These crystals will help a person to tap into the energies of the universe and will make him more aware of his decisions.



This stone resonates strongly with your intuition.
You can keep this crystal on your Third Eye chakra and meditate with it to enhance your intuition powers.
Sodalite helps to bring in wisdom from the higher realms which make you take the right decisions.
This crystal gives you a calming reassurance that you are exactly where you need to be in your life.


malachite crystal

This protective stone is known to amplify positive energy and absorb negative energy which leaves you grounded and in tune with your inner sense.
This stone is amazing for enhancing your intuition and developing spiritual insights as well.
Malachite bestows you with the ability to recognize and clear past negative events.
This stone has a very positive effect on your overall decision-making process and makes it more productive.



The uplifting vibrations of this crystal help you to develop or enhance your psychic abilities so that you can take guidance from your spiritual angels in times of turmoil.
Celestite mainly stimulates your crown chakra which is the center of all types of communication with the spiritual realm.
You are able to decide what is right and what is wrong for you while making important decisions.
Use celestite while meditating so that you are able to establish a deeper connection with your guardian angels.

Moss agate

moss agate

The healing energies of moss agate enable you to see the beauty in everything that you behold.
This stone helps you to make decisions that will attract wealth by maintaining self-esteem.
Moss agate helps you to maintain a healthy balance between the left and the right hemispheres of your brain.
This crystal instills courage and perseverance and helps you let go of anxiety and stress.
Your intuitive skills are highly enhanced with the introduction of moss agate in your life.
Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are stones like amethyst, aquamarine, azurite, labradorite, magnetite and blue kyanite that would help in promoting intuition skills.
Since these skills play a very vital part in your everyday lives, it is important that you enhance them with the help of these healing crystals.
It just not about trusting your gut but also about listening to the signs and symbols around which unconsciously guide you to your desired destination.
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