Feeling cranky? These crystals can help you to calm your anger

Feeling cranky? These crystals can help you to calm your anger

Anger is a very common human emotion that surfaces in everyone, once in a while.
However, it is the ability of a person to control the output of that anger which matters the most.
An angry mind is very fragile and can easily cloud your good side by making you do things that you would regret later on in the future.
You might even say hurtful things to your loved ones in the feat of anger, which can damage your relations.
Hence, it is important that you have full control over your mind and you keep a stable and calm emotional state which would not put you in jeopardy.
Fortunately, there are crystals that help to deal with such type of uncontrollable anger.
These stones promote peace and harmony inside your body which helps you to overcome anger.

Few of these stones are mentioned below:



This versatile stone assists in keeping you grounded even in complex situations.
This stone is an all-rounder as it not only wards of negative energies from your mind and body but also transmutes them into positive ones.
Amethyst reduces inflamed emotions and turns anger on its head to promote a sense of peace and tranquility.
Whenever you are feeling frustrated, you can resort to amethyst as it will help to calm you down.



Rage is a turbulent emotion that often controls you rather than you controlling it.
Howlite is one of the calming crystals for the anger that teaches you how to control your fury and remain calm even in stressful situations.
It helps you to tame your irritability and channels that energy into your work or hobby.
With properties that promote tranquility and peace, howlite is one of the best stones which you can possess to stop an overreaction in its tracks.

Rose quartz

rose quartz

You can use rose quartz to create the energy you wish to embody.
Rose quartz quells the effects of anger and instills compassion and positivity inside you so that you start to think rationally.
This stone will also help you to send out loving energies which prove to be respectful towards the other person and make him adore you.
This is an ideal crystal to keep with you as it will eliminate aggression, wipe out jealousy and prevent you from feeling resentful.

Blue lace agate

blue agate

This is one of the most useful stones for tackling an angry mind.
Blue lace agate dissolves the urgent need to react and gives you time to choose a more appropriate response.
Its high vibrational frequencies align you with a higher state of consciousness.
Called as the Stone of Articulation, this crystal is capable of neutralizing angry words.
Whenever during an argument if you ever feel that you might lose your cool, resort to blue lace agate as it will help you to remain kind and compassionate.
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