Feeling restless and not sleeping properly?? Get your Orgonite today

April 16, 2019

Feeling restless and not sleeping properly?? Get your Orgonite today

How Many People Suffer from Insomnia? we do not know how to measure this information in numbers, but starting with me, I know that many people, at least those I know, who suffer from this disease ...

Yes, this evil ... for what may at first appear unpretentious, just a bad night's sleep, can turn into a series of physical and emotional disorders that, if not treated properly, can have serious consequences for our lives:

Stress, anxiety, moodiness or irritability, weight gain (it is proven that those who sleep little gain weight !!!), premature aging (lack of sleep increases the production of free radicals, responsible for the aging of our cells!), Low productivity, among other complications that directly affect our daily lives, our self-esteem, our personal and professional relationships.

Orgone Therapy is a technique of balance & energetic protection developed from the scientific discovery that in the mineral kingdom there are stones and crystals that are potent transformers of energies and ionic energy when they are submitted to the action of the orgonites or sleep stones.

Hard to imagine how these pebbles help to improve one's life, do they? The basic question of orgonite is that it makes the environment balanced. Today we live surrounded by TVs, cell phones, radios, antennas that transmit electromagnetic waves and end up leaving the environment overwhelmed. The orgonite is the ionizer that balances the environment by picking up positive ions that are in the environment, turning them into negative ions that are healthy for our life.

One of the first things observed by those who put an orgonite in the bedroom is the improvement in sleep quality. This occurs very quickly and is easily noticeable. However, after achieving an improvement we have become accustomed to this new level and forget the originator fact.

Of course, we will not have a guarantee of a peaceful sleep "forever" because occasionally some factors stand out, but to observe this change and to value it is very important.

  • To sleep put the orgonite under the pillow or if you prefer under the bed people who do so, feel a growing and natural energy vitality. 
    The use of orgonite helps to reduce stress, fatigue, favors mental balance, emotional and providing a natural and permanent harmony. 
  • To meditate hold your orgonite or leave it close,
  • when you feel the need to improve the level of your energy
  • put a few minutes in the third eye, relax and feel the difference.

Using in your bedroom, you will notice a great change in the energy pattern of your home, because the orgonite will perform an energy cleansing that will result in a permanent and natural harmony with much peace in the family.

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