Feldspar Ruby - Gemstone With Esoteric Properties!

Feldspar Ruby - Gemstone With Esoteric Properties!

This beautiful crystal has a stunning color and is said to have powerful healing properties. I'm here to tell you all about this incredible stone - its meaning, healing powers and uses! In these three paragraphs, I'll discuss what makes Feldspar Ruby so special.

The first thing that draws people in with Feldspar Ruby is its unique hue. It's unlike any other gemstone out there; it ranges from pale pinkish-red to deep blood red. Not only does it look gorgeous but it also carries powerful symbolism too!

People often associate Feldspar Ruby with passion, energy and strength. These qualities can help anyone who wears or holds the stone feel more balanced and at peace within themselves. In addition to being visually appealing and meaningful, Feldspar Ruby is believed by many cultures to have strong healing properties too.

The vibrations of the stones are thought to promote emotional wellbeing and physical health when used during meditation or yoga practice. They're also rumored to bring good luck into our lives too! However, they must be cleansed regularly if we want their power to remain intact over time.


Let's take a closer look at the overview of this precious stone! This breathtaking gemstone has two main components: feldspar and corundum. Feldspars are silicates that form in igneous rocks as well as sedimentary deposits; whereas corundums consist of aluminium oxide crystals that have been colored by trace elements during their formation process.

Together these two minerals create a stunningly strong material with excellent clarity. The metaphysical properties of feldspar ruby often vary depending on where the specimen comes from but all share powerful healing effects such as providing protection against negative energies, enhancing creativity, promoting peace and tranquility within oneself, aiding spiritual growth, or even helping to restore balance between mind body and soul.

In addition to its metaphysical benefits, this gem can also be used in jewelry making due to its hardness rating of 8 on the Mohs scale - making it ideal for everyday wear pieces like rings or necklaces!

Finally, despite being relatively unknown compared to some other popular gemstones like sapphires or rubies; feldspar ruby's unique characteristics mean it deserves more attention than what it currently receives in today’s market.

With so many wonderful qualities waiting to be discovered beneath its surface, one cannot help but be amazed by this exquisite gemstone’s possibilities!

Mineralogy And Composition

* Plagioclase Feldspars: This contains sodium-rich plagioclase with calcium-rich plagioclase.Plagioclase feldspars are mostly used for jewelry making or as building materials due to their aesthetic appearance.

* Potassium Feldspars: These contain potassium ions instead of sodium ions. They have different varieties such as orthoclase, microcline and adularia which are commonly used in ceramics manufacturing processes.

* Mixed Feldspars: This type combines both plagioclase feldspar and potassium feldspar in varying proportions; thus they may possess properties from either one or both components.

In terms of uses, feldspar has many practical applications. It is an important ingredient in glassmaking, pottery production, paint manufacture, ceramic glazes, floor tiles, rubber products and other industrial applications.

Additionally it is also used in metallurgical fluxes to lower melting temperatures when smelting metals like copper or aluminum ores. Moreover it finds use as ornamental stones mainly due to its attractive colors and textures like pink labradorite or moonstone blue adularia.

Overall, feldspar provides us with various benefits ranging from artistic creations to modern day technological advancements!

Sources Of Feldspar Ruby

Mining these deposits involves excavating tunnels to reach deeper layers of rock containing higher concentrations of feldspars. Gemstone Feldspar Ruby is mined mainly through open pit methods since they don't require as much labor or specialized equipment as underground mining operations do.

In addition to being more cost effective than traditional mining methods, open pits provide access to larger quantities and higher quality gems due to their increased exposure to sunlight during extraction processes. For example, high quality rubies can be found near surface levels in many countries throughout Asia and Africa.

Commercial Feldspar Ruby is produced mostly by natural means but may also involve artificial treatments like heat treatment or irradiation in order to enhance its color and clarity.

Man-made versions are available too; synthetics are created using industrial techniques such as hydrothermal synthesis or flame fusion process which allow for greater control over size and shape while still maintaining a natural look and feel to them.

Metaphysical Feldspar Ruby is believed by many cultures around the world to possess healing properties that promote emotional stability, mental clarity and physical wellbeing when worn as jewelry or used during meditation sessions. Its vibrant energy brings joy into life and helps us connect with our inner selves so we can find fulfillment within ourselves without relying on external factors to make us happy.

Color And Appearance

Red feldspar rubies are the most common type found and usually have a deep crimson hue. Pink feldspar rubies feature pale shades that can vary from light pinks to almost white. Blue feldspar rubies often have an aquamarine tint while yellow versions typically appear as bright lemon or honey colored stones.

Finally, you may find rare green varieties with vibrant emerald hues. Feldspar ruby has a unique look due to its distinct structure. Its crystalline form gives off a sparkle-like effect when sunlight hits it at certain angles. The stone also tends to be quite fragile because of its composition which means setting them into jewelry requires extra caution!

In terms of uses, many people enjoy wearing feldspar ruby for their beauty alone but they're also believed to provide healing properties too. Some claim that this gem helps promote peace and tranquility amongst those who wear it - whether this is true or not is up for debate!

No matter how you use it though, one thing's sure - Feldspar Ruby has captivating aesthetic appeal:

* Brilliant sheen caused by its crystalline form

* Multiple colors ranging from deep crimson to pale whites & vibrant greens

* Uniquely shaped individual pieces allowing for creative jewellery designs

* Rareness compared to other gems making them more valuable

* Fragile nature requiring extra care when handling

Cut And Clarity

As we explore the wonder of feldspar ruby, let's take a closer look at its cut and clarity. These two factors are key when it comes to grading gemstones. The cut refers how well the stone is cut in order to reflect light and create an attractive appearance while the clarity measures any imperfections or blemishes. Both are graded on a scale from grade-level one up to grade-level 10.

One of the most important aspects of feldspar ruby is that its color can be enhanced by cutting and polishing techniques which improves the clarity of the stone. This means fewer flaws, fewer inclusions, and more sparkle!

As such, when choosing between different grades for this type of gemstone, always remember that higher isn't necessarily better - it depends upon what you want out of your purchase.

Feldspar rubies with lower clarity grades may still have remarkable beauty due to their natural shape and colouring; these stones tend to not cost as much as those with higher grades but will still make amazing pieces of jewelry.

Metaphysical Properties

Moving on from cut and clarity, let's explore the metaphysical properties of feldspar ruby. This amazing gemstone has many magical powers that can be used for spiritual healing. It is believed to bring emotional balance to those who wear it and helps with mental clarity. Its vibration also encourages focus in times of stress or high pressure situations.

Feldspar ruby activates our inner power so we can achieve what we want out of life; it brings hope during difficult times and gives us strength when facing obstacles. This beautiful stone will restore peace within ourselves by creating a positive energy field around us.

Furthermore, it has been known to help its wearer find solutions to problems they may have been struggling with for some time. When worn as jewelry, feldspar ruby not only looks stunning but also serves as an amulet of protection against negative energies while bringing positivity into one’s life. It acts like a shield against malicious intentions aimed at oneself and creates an aura of safety and security around you wherever you go.

Overall, feldspar ruby makes a wonderful addition to any collection due to its powerful metaphysical properties which include enhanced mental clarity, improved focus and increased spiritual awareness – all elements necessary for achieving success in whatever endeavour we undertake!

Chakra Association

The healing properties of feldspar ruby can be attributed to its association with chakras. The stone is linked to the root, heart, third eye, throat and crown chakras. It helps individuals open up their spiritual awareness and become more in-tune with their emotions. With its deep connection to these energy centres, it has a soothing effect on our physical bodies and minds.

At the root chakra, feldspar ruby's energies bring balance and grounding into one’s life as well as stability during chaotic times. Its strong vibrations help us connect to our core beliefs about ourselves that guide our decisions throughout life.

Moving up to the heart chakra, this crystal brings a sense of peace and love for oneself which allows people to trust their inner wisdom and intuition rather than seeking approval from outside sources. It helps us find understanding within our relationships both internally and externally by connecting deeply with feelings of empathy and compassion towards others.

For those looking for an insight into themselves or new perspectives on situations they are going through, the third eye is where feldspar ruby comes alive! Its intense vibration opens one’s mind up to fresh ideas while allowing them to see beyond what is visible at first glance.

Additionally, it encourages creativity which may prove useful when making difficult choices in life. Last but not least is the throat chakra which works closely alongside the third eye chakra as it involves communication between two parties - yourself and your environment/surroundings.

Feldspar ruby helps you express yourself authentically without feeling judged or censored by anyone else's opinions of who you should be or how you should act around certain people/situations.

Finally, its energies extend all the way up to your crown chakra; here it aids in aligning yourself spiritually so that any goals we set out for ourselves come from a place of genuine purpose instead of empty ambition motivated solely by external validation or material wealth.

Astrological Sign Connections

Astrological signs are an interesting way to connect with gemstones such as feldspar ruby. Each zodiac sign has its own unique energy and traits that can be associated with different stones.

Here's a look at how the two pair together:

  • Aries (March 21-April 19): Feldspar Ruby is said to bring courage and confidence, which make it well suited for the fiery nature of this sign. This stone also helps enhance creativity and motivation in life.
  • Taurus (April 20-May 20): The slow, steady qualities of Taurus makes them highly compatible with the stabilizing properties of Feldspar Ruby. This stone is believed to help lower stress levels and encourage peace of mind.
  • Gemini (May 21-June 20): Geminis have an active mental energy and quick wit that goes perfectly with the energizing power of Feldspar Ruby. This gemstone will help create balance between their minds and bodies while giving clarity to their thoughts.
  • Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Cancers often need comfort when facing difficult decisions, making Feldspars' calming effects perfect for them. It is known to open up feelings that were previously suppressed and promote emotional healing on a deep level.

In summary, each astrological sign resonates differently with Feldspar Ruby depending on its unique traits and characteristics. Whether you identify with one or all four zodiac signs above, this beautiful gemstone could be just what you need!

Care And Cleaning Tips

Here are some cleaning tips you should follow when caring for your gemstone:

First, use only specific cleaning supplies designed specifically for gemstones. Regular dish soap or jewelry cleaner could damage your stone and diminish its shine. Jewelry polishing cloths are also an effective way to clean off dirt and dust from your gemstone without risking any harm to it.

Second, take care with what kind of chemicals you expose your feldspar ruby too as this type of gemstone is particularly sensitive. Harsh chemical cleaners like bleach should be avoided and if possible opt for using warm water instead along with mild detergent. Also avoid submerging your feldspar ruby into liquids since it could cause discoloration over time due to moisture seeping into the cracks in the stone.

Thirdly, remember not to rub too hard on the surface of your stone while cleaning as this will scratch away at the luster of your gemstone making it appear duller than before. Be gentle but firm when wiping down or buffing up your jewel piece; gently scrubbing off any dirt or grime buildup using small circular motions until you’re satisfied with how bright and polished it looks again!

Lastly, store your precious stones separately from each other in soft felt-lined boxes or pouches which will help protect them from scratches caused by clinking against one another during movement or transportation. Keeping these simple yet important tips in mind will ensure that your feldspar ruby stays sparkling and shining just as much now as it did years ago!

Jewelry Craft With Feldspar Ruby

When choosing the right design for your feldspar ruby jewelry, keep in mind the traditional symbolism associated with this gemstone - strength, courage, protection, passion, loyalty and love. This will help ensure that your finished piece is meaningful as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Jewelry making with feldspar ruby involves setting the stone into various types of metals and other materials such as gold or silver, brass or copper. The key to creating stunning pieces is selecting the right metal for your design and ensuring all settings are secure before wearing them.

You should also consider adding accents such as diamonds or other gems to add more sparkle and interest to your designs. Crafting with feldspar ruby should also include proper polishing techniques so that each piece shines like new every time it is worn.

With just a few simple tools and supplies, you can create unique pieces of jewelry featuring this exquisite gemstone that you'll treasure always.

Crystal Healing Uses

Like a brilliant gemstone, feldspar ruby can sparkle with crystal healing applications. This stone's healing energy properties create positive vibrations that flow through the body to bring about well-being and balance. Here are some of its most effective uses:

  1. Healing chakra balancing – Feldspar ruby helps clear and open up blocked chakras by bringing in more light energy and restoring harmony to the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.
  2. Spiritual healing benefits – Its high vibrational frequency has been known to help connect people with their higher selves for greater self-awareness and understanding of life’s deeper mysteries.
  3. Stress relief effects – It’s calming effect on emotions makes it an ideal choice for reducing stress levels as well as helping one cope better with difficult situations or transitions in life.
  4. Mental clarity & focus - By opening up pathways between the conscious mind and sub-conscious realms, this beautiful gemstone stimulates creativity while clearing away confusion and doubt so that you can stay focused on your desired outcome. The power of feldspar ruby is truly remarkable; it has something to offer everyone who seeks out its energies!

Whether used for spiritual growth or everyday stress reduction, this precious stone serves as a powerful ally in times of need to provide grounding support during emotional upheaval or moments of transition.

Meditation And Visualization With Feldspar Ruby

Meditation and visualization with feldspar ruby can bring many benefits to your life.By focusing on this stone during meditation, you can receive messages from other dimensions and tap into a powerful source of healing energy.

When meditating with feldspar ruby, start by holding the stone in both hands while sitting comfortably in a quiet place. Close your eyes and focus on the breath until your mind becomes still – this may take several minutes.

Once calmness has settled over you, visualize light radiating outwards from the stone towards all areas of your body. Feel how this nurturing warmth fills every cell with peace and tranquility as it spreads throughout your being. Now open yourself up to any feelings or sensations that come through; these could be messages from spirit guides or simply insights into something important about yourself or your situation.

Take some time to journal anything that comes through before returning back to awareness of the room around you. The practice of using crystals like feldspar ruby for meditation offers numerous benefits such as increased inner peace, better emotional balance and improved mental clarity.

Over time, regular use will create an ever-deepening sense of connectedness between you and the spiritual realm which is available at all times but often difficult to access without help. You may find too that incorporating gemstones into visualizations helps deepen their effects - imagine now sending love outwards from within yourself as if it were emanating directly from the heart chakra!

By working with feldspar ruby regularly, you can begin to experience profound shifts within yourself that are truly transformative. The power they hold cannot be underestimated – it’s worth taking some time each day just to tune in and see what revelations await!

How To Choose Feldspar Ruby

Choosing feldspar ruby is like finding a needle in a haystack - it can be difficult but worth the effort. When selecting feldspar ruby, look for stones that have good clarity and coloration; these are typically found in gemstones with minimal flaws or blemishes.

The best way to determine whether you're choosing high quality feldspar ruby is by consulting an expert jeweler who can assess the characteristics of each individual stone before making a purchase decision. The clearer and deeper in color your feldspar ruby is, the more expensive it may be.

However, if you find one that has some slight imperfections, you may still get a great deal on pricing since those types are less sought after by collectors. When evaluating any type of precious gemstone, always keep your budget in mind – don't overspend or buy something beyond your means because then you won't enjoy wearing or displaying your new piece of jewelry as much!

Additionally, take into account how often you plan on using the stone so that you know what kind of durability it needs to require frequent wear and tear. Finally, remember to ask questions from both dealers and other experts about the specific qualities of each individual gemstone before making your selection so that you can choose wisely and confidently.


In conclusion, Feldspar Ruby is a stunning gemstone that has the power to bring balance and harmony into your life. Its deep red hues are associated with passion and love, making it an excellent choice for those looking to foster relationships.

With its ability to help you tap into creativity as well as focus on the positive side of life, this is one crystal that should definitely be added to any crystal collection!

One interesting fact about Feldspar Ruby is that it's actually made up of two different minerals: potassium feldspar and ruby. This unique combination makes it more powerful than either mineral alone, providing healing properties like emotional balance and increased mental clarity.

Feldspar Ruby may not yet be as popular or valuable as some other precious gems, but its beauty and strength make it well worth considering when adding crystals to your collection.

Whether used in meditation or simply admired for its gorgeous colors, this special stone can bring many wonderful benefits into your life.

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