Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About Lapis Lazuli

Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone that helps to quickly release stress and brings deep inner peace. It brings harmony and self-knowledge. This stone is known to encourage self-awareness, allow self-expression and reveal inner truth.
Lapis Lazuli assists to confront and speak one’s truth and inspire confidence. It also bonds relationships and aids in the expression of feelings and emotions.
This is a stone of wisdom and is perfect for the Third Eye Chakra. When you put Lapis Lazuli to attract fortune and good luck, it stands for good luck and a person wearing this stone will be inspired by energies which can turn all negative energies into positive ones.
However, there are a few facts about Lapis Lazuli that very few people are aware of. Let’s find out about them in detail:
  1. The name Lapis Lazuli is derived from the Latin word “lapis” meaning stone and the Arabic word “Azula” which means blue. This stone is mainly comprised of Lazurite and other minerals including Calcite and Pyrite. 
  1. Lapis Lazuli was first mined in the Sar-i Sang mines in northeast Afghanistan. Even today, mines in Afghanistan continue to be a major provider of Lapis Lazuli along with mines in Pakistan, Russia and in the Andes mountains in Chile. It is also found in other countries like the USA and Canada.
  1. Lapis Lazuli has an interesting history. Many historians around the world believe that this stone has been around for the last 6500 years and has been used and treasured by the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, and China. 
  1. Archaeologists have found evidence of Lapis Lazuli among treasures and furnishings in ancient graves. This stone was not only used for jewelry but also for a variety of other purposes. Lapis Lazuli was made into different objects like figures, bowls, hair combs, dagger handles, and other decorative objects. 
  1. Lapis Lazuli was converted into powdered form to make eyeshadow and medicinal elixirs. The famous Italian painter, Michelangelo, used grounded Lapis Lazuli to produce an ultramarine coloured pigment for some of his paintings during the Renaissance period.

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