The journey of pregnancy is a beautiful, delicate, and sometimes emotionally draining experience. Crystals are said to positively interact with energy fields to provide comfort, protection, balance and healing. They can be a gentle but powerful tool during the magical journey of bringing a new life into the world. One celebrates and rejoices about it but also becomes anxious and stressed as the journey to motherhood is all about changes and expectations.

Nature has given all some of the best support for these times. We're talking about healing crystals and gemstones for pregnancy. Choose from crystal products like orgone pyramid products, orgonite dodecahedron products for selenite and many more options for other crystals like orgone obelisk, buy orgone necklace, orgonite pendant and crystal bracelets.

Here is the list of crystals well known for this cause.


As a “Crystal of Love”, this pink crystal radiates an aura of love and compassion. It emits nurturing energy, aids in fertility, conception, pregnancy and childbirth. This crystal is quite helpful to mother and child in times of stress and healing.


Aquamarine is a highly protective stone. It relieves headaches, insomnia and fatigue, and prevents miscarriage during pregnancy. With its calming energy, it also helps to be courageous and supports in labour and childbirth making it a wonderful stone for all stages of motherhood.


A powerful protection crystal, Amethyst provides a protective psychic shield against evil eye and safeguards one from accidents and misfortunes. It also calms the mood swings. As a Crown Chakra crystal, it also facilitates in understanding the higher insights related to motherhood.


Open and strengthen that heart chakra to aid in creating the bond between the mother, baby, and the new family! Sometimes, one can get frustrated from exhaustion and this beautiful green crystal helps guide from a place of love.


The baby is growing, and one needs all of the positive energy they can get! That means getting rid of the harmful, non-beneficial energy whenever one can! Sage smoke is not always practical or safe around a baby, so to cleanse the space and aura, one should carry a black tourmaline with them. Also, Pregnancy brain is real; this black stone will help provide more mental clarity!


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