Get Answers to FAQs on Orgonites

April 17, 2019

Get Answers to FAQs on Orgonites

  1. How are the Orgonites measured energetically?

They are cleaned alone since they do not saturate because the piezoelectric property of the glass pressed by the resin repolarizes the charges. Piezoelectricity (from the Greek piezein, "squeeze or squeeze") is a phenomenon presented by certain crystals that when subjected to mechanical stresses acquire an electrical polarization in their mass, appearing a difference of potential and electric charges on its surface.

  1. Where should pyramidal orgonites be placed?

It is recommended initially to place them at ground level, so that the cleaning starts from below, then upload them to the table or shelves. If it is perceived that the effect of the energetic cleaning is very strong, it is recommended to submerge it in water, take it to the patio. The smaller pyramids can be placed under the mattress or on the bedside table. Another ideal place is near the computer and TV. You can also protect the four corners of the house with pyramids.             

  1. How do I know if orgonite works?

We did not learn of an instrument to directly measure the orgone, in any of its modes of loading or without charge; what can be measured is changes in different variables such as free ions in the environment, measuring the change of the electromagnetic flux density in its high and low frequencies of the spectrum that apparently would be altered by the presence of orogenetic fields, these instruments are accessible abroad.

Then you can try an optical measuring instrument such as a kirlean camera, which although it would not directly measure the orogenetic field would be measuring the result of it in the bioluminescent fields of the body, I have not tested with a kirlean camera but there are people who say that note the change of people with orgone and without orgone.

  1. What is the function of the metal layers (aluminum, and bronze)?

The function of the three layers of metals (bronze, and thin and thick aluminum), is to attract and repel the orgone by exciting it, and the resin contains it for instants. Also, the different layers to be of different density in their chips the largest from the bottom to the thin above act as funnel inverse because it attracts the flow of orgone from below to the tip of the pyramid, favoring the natural function of it. It is also good to bear in mind that the movement of the orgone cannot be stopped with any material as it goes through any barrier even lead, so the layers of metals fulfill the function of directing and guiding the tendency of the orgone to seek verticality, that is why if it is close to the crystal where the trend is repolarized, it is to retain it for Nanoseconds so that it is irradiated repolarized in POR (POSITIVE ORGON).

  1. What is the function of the copper spiral?

It fulfills a small movement of vortex type rotation, imitating the spirals of the galactic arms so that the repolarization of the orgone circulates more.


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