Hematite Strengthens Your Bond with The Earth

Hematite Strengthens Your Bond with The Earth

Hematite Strengthens Your Bond with The Earth

To bring joy to their lives, people go through so much. Everybody’s ideas and definition of happiness are different, and depending on that, people get home all these various products and services that claim to be bringers of joy. Some people like animals and are extremely happy when they bring home a dog.

Some people like to see the smile on their lover’s face, and bringing them a dozen roses brings them joy. These kind of de-stressing tools are commonplace in the world of alternative healing. Meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, etc., all claim to do some magic that harmonizes our energy centers and releases all the negativity out of us. One tried and tested method like this crystal healing.

Crystals don’t alter our environment, but give you perspective and the right mindset to adjust yourself peacefully into the environment you find yourself in. When you are well adjusted, grounded, and balanced, you can go about life with ease, take better decisions, and find joy and happiness in the smallest things.
Hematite is one such stone that does all of those things, and is a perfect first stone to have because of its exceptional value and benefits. Hematite has sort of a magnetic effect on toxic behavioral patterns and traits, and pulls them away from you.
Hematite is a stone that is very strongly bonded to the Earth. It connects your spirit to our mother planet, and helps you establish that connection where you can ground your bad energies to the earth an d create a blank slate for feeling positive at most times.
These properties are what make it a stone of the Root Chakra which means it is a good stone to start aligning your chakras and energies, starting from the very bottom. Only when your foundation is strengthened can you start moving up the chain and creating a lasting harmony.
Hematite also has a world of physical benefits including improving circulation not only of blood but improving your nervous system that makes you a calmer person especially in tough, pressure situations. A man is better equipped to take his challenges head on when he can be assured with a tool like Hematite at his side. Hematite is also well known to increase mental and physical strength and stamina.
A Feng Shui tree studded with Hematite is a perfect mood and energy level booster for your room or productive space. Hematite chips resemble coffee beans, and that is also how the crystal works. Like an instant jolt of energy for mind and body, Hematite raises your energy levels and make you feel rejuvenated to go through the rest of your day.

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