History and Facts about Jade Stone

History and Facts about Jade Stone

History and Facts About Jade Stone

The way the word “Emperor” and “Jade” are written in Chinese, are so similar, that the stone has since been called the Emperor’s stone. In western culture, since ancient times Jade has been one of the most popular stones worn by high-born and high-class people alongside Diamonds and Rubies. For more than 9,000 years, Jade has been a symbol of status, purity, spirituality, and health in some of the other corners of the planet.
Historically, Jade has been found the most in China, and simple artifacts such as beads, buttons, and bracelets have been found from pre-historic mines and caves.
Many carvings, decorations pieces, ornaments were also later found from the succeeding eras. In the royal Chinese families, members would be buried in suits made of jade stone, stitched together by threads of gold.
Such suits would take years to make and assemble. Other costly items were added to the suit depending on who was buried. The historical significance of the Chinese with Jade stone cannot be talked about enough, because large scale wars have been started because of it.
There are two very compositionally different, yet very similar Jade stones. One is Jadeite Jade, which is the silicate of sodium and aluminum, while the other Nephrite Jade is the silicate of calcium and magnesium.
Both varieties are polished green colored gemstones used to make ornaments, sculptures, and jewelry. In the Stone Age, Jade was also used to make tools like axes, knives, and hammers.
If a Chinese proverb is to be believed, “Gold has a price; Jade is priceless”. However, due to so many varieties of Jade present in the world today, with varying levels of impurities. In today’s world, Jade deposits in China have almost dried out, making Myanmar the biggest reserve of Jade stone. With more than 70% of Jade mines, Myanmar is the top-dog in the Jade game. Reserves are also found in New Zealand.
The largest sculpture made from Jade stone is the statue of Buddha found in Liaoning province in China. It is made from a single gigantic piece of Jade that weighs about 260 tonnes and is almost 8 meters high. Carved in 1992, it can exhibit 7 different colors depending on the light.
All these facts and history tell a story about Jade stone that everyone should know. Its one of the very few gemstones to have such a rich and old history.

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