How Andalusite actually works

How Andalusite actually works

How Andalusite Actually Works

This is a gemstone that will make you become focused on your goals and keep you calm even in the most volatile situations. This is a protection stone that will aid you to block negativities and more importantly ward off the eye of the evil. It will clear the blockages in your vitality spectrum and will fill up holes in the chakra.
Andalusite is an aluminium nesosilicate mineral that appears in three forms – andalusite, chiastolite and viridine. Andalusite is named for the locality of Andalusia, Spain where it was originally discovered.
It is a polymorph with two other minerals – kyanite and sillimanite. Andalusite occurs as brown, red, white, orange and green crystals. The gem-quality is translucent to transparent.
This is a crystal that has plenty of wisdom and insight about your life’s purpose. Its energies will make you steadier against the changing currents of life and you will always have a good sense of direction.
It will also help you follow your true path without fear or hesitation. The energies of this stone will keep you inspired and motivated and will keep you going till your plans are executed.
On the physical level, andalusite is a great crystal for ailments such as eye problems, deficiencies in calcium, oxygen, iodine and water retention. It is also a general strengthener and is an excellent tonic for anyone who has been ill and may still have a weak vibrational field that needs protection.
Andalusite works to regulate the nervous system and the energetic field. The properties of andalusite help to regulate and promote deep and restful sleep.
Andalusite is a stone that will help you overcome your fears and inspire you to make bigger and bolder decisions. It will show you how you can navigate through the demands of being in a relationship with love, happiness, confidence and maturity.
Carry it around or wear it in the form of jewelry whenever you are feeling scared, anxious or stressed as it will reassure you with its calming and protective energies.

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