How can one balance the chakras

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There is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence that crystal healing has any effect; it is considered a pseudoscience.

Crystals can be used in many different methods of healing. These healing crystals are mined from places around the world and then made as per the requirements in different forms such as orgonite pendants, orgonite pyramids, orgonite obelisks, orgone dodecahedrons and even orgonite bracelets.

The effects reported felt when one holds a crystal is a result of the power of suggestion, not the power of the crystals.

There are seven main chakra centres starting from the crown of your head and ending at the bottom of the pelvis. Working with the seven chakras is essential to achieving and maintaining balance. The word ‘chakra’ is actually from Sanskrit meaning ‘wheel’. The chakra system is a part of ancient Indian teachings called the Veda history.

Chakras are basically energy vortexes within us, where energy can both enter and leave. So, for today’s agenda, we would discuss how one balances the chakras?


Here are 3 techniques that you can start implementing today to help balance your chakras:

  1. Diet can have a major impact on the chakras in your body. Eating the colors of the rainbow has been said to aid chakras in their functioning for one’s body.
  1. Crystals can also play a major role in the upkeep of the chakras. Placing a corresponding crystal onto each chakra centre and for clearing, balancing and aligning one’s body is good.

Time required for chakra alignment ranges from ten minutes up to multiple hours as per required by the person using the crystals.

  1. Smudging your auric field as well as your home, office or even your car can help to maintain the balance of your chakras. What does smudging bring? Smudging brings peace and clarity amongst your energy fields.


We would be halting today’s blog at this point but we have a lot more knowledge to be shared on this agenda. The same will be continued in the upcoming post as well, where we would be discussing how chakras are maintained on a general everyday basis.

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